Novitas Tourism spring, 'the Western Black Sea Tour' and says hello

Novitas one of the pioneers of cultural tourism in our country Tourism is always a little-known, but interesting and tour arrangements, and these areas deserve greater recognition of the regions to be first introduced, is committed to for 15 years.

Western Black Sea Tour

2012 tour program is also prepared with this approach, however, as in previous years, many interesting, historical and cultural treasures include little known and little navigated.

These trips for small groups, the boutique style, a culture of quality service with guidance becomes real.

Novitas Tourism spring, organized between May 17 and 20 'West Black Sea Tour' and say hello. Tourism is the owner of Novitas Gülsen Kırbaş guidance of the tour. It also owns mansions in Kastamonu Gülsen Kırbaş Lucky, during the tour, both the 200-year chance to sweet-smelling pine-scented Lucky Mansions, both flora and fauna, 2 many national parks, waterfalls, canyon town köyüyle Kastamonu, Sinop and Amasra after offers the opportunity to see all the beauty. Round small surprises will be the Western Black Sea region has the opportunity to enjoy life.

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Kastamonu-Sinop-Cide-Amasra - 17 May 20

Thursday May 17: at 7:00 in Taksim AKM, 7:30 's Kadikoy Marriage
Department is moving parking. Advent and then around 14:00 hours in Kastamonu, breaks for meals and start discovering the city on foot. Republic Square, Government House, historical museum and the Martyr Şerife Sister City Monument, Nasrullah Mosque and the square, are visit Munire Madrasah, crafts bazaar is a break for the Madrasa and shopping. Afternoon return to hotel, dinner and accommodation is.
Afternoon return to hotel

Friday May 18: After breakfast, leaving the right path to Sinop. About 2 hours, passing through stunning landscapes you will reach a trip to Sinop. Then the castle, the old prison, Alaeddin Mosque, Madrasa Propeller, Archeology and Ethnography Museum visit. After lunch in the Black Sea is a fresh fish, is free time for shopping. Movement in the evening, the evening concludes Kastamonu. Dinner and overnight happening.

Saturday May 19: Lucky Mansion, and then you get a delicious breakfast, continue sightseeing in and around Kastamonu. Before leaving the castle and the city is viewed from above a bird's-eye. Then walk down the fort and the historic city center streets kayboluyorsunuz iniliyor. As large as life, standing hundreds of houses, mansions, mosques and mausoleums will affect you. Sees the biggest and oldest mosque in the city Atabeygazi Mosque, the largest complex of buildings then the Yakupağa külliye visit. İsmailbey Kulliye (mosques, madrasas, mausoleums, camel inn) after seeing the city center and 17 km from the town in the village 14 Candaroglu structure century Mahmut Bey Mosque and come here. 650 years and almost never preserved intact wooden structure which is unique in the world, this works fine colored pencil works, you indulge yourself. Reverting to Kastamonu, Kastamonu and afternoon, then to recognize and shopping, leaving the famous handicrafts. Center of the beautiful hand-woven textiles, wood carving Wood Crafts Center, a variety of art materials and household items is available for purchase. Back to the hotel, dinner and accommodation is.
Gideros dark

Sunday May 20: Early morning departure from the hotel takes action. Explored the coastal Kastamonu. Globe Mountains, close to two hours watching the breathtaking views over the town a pleasant Şenpazar iniliyor Cide. Watch the bird's eye view of the Black Sea, this journey will be unforgettable. Cide is the hometown of the famous writer Rifat Ilgaz when you arrive, our author, has been converted into a museum on the basis of the house are visit Then, following the Black Sea coast, Gideros dark (We give a short break), you will reach Kurucaşile Amasra over. Ashland, made trip to the historical peninsula. Some walls and doors of the Genoese fortifications, harbor structures, Byzantine churches, is seen. For lunch, a free Black Sea fish eaten fresh as a fish restaurant. After a short break, a shopping bazaar trucks, leaving the road to Istanbul. Concludes the evening, in Istanbul.

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