which offers the opportunity to make an unforgettable holiday in Turkey's Best Family-Friendly Hotel Marti Myra

'TopHotels' web site, registered in Russia as a result of the 6000 polls that agent Marti Myra in Turkey 'Best Family Friendly Hotel' was chosen. Marti Myra in Turkey and the site of 10 hotels in 3221 was awarded with prizes from the hotel.

All family members in all nature, which offers the opportunity to make a memorable holiday Marti Myra TopHotels Russian website users to share their experiences by staying in hotels in Turkey 'Best Family Friendly Hotel' was chosen. TopHotels'in the year 2011 'Best Family Friendly Hotels' travel agency in 6000 with the votes of election results in Russia were registered to the site. Marti Myra hotel on the site being one of 10 selected from the success of 3221 showed that Turkish hotel.

Marti Myra, giving special attention to children and young people

Tahtali foothills, 17 km away from the Marti Myra Kemer, 30 fully refurbished rooms in the block 545 the children, parents and young people, offers a holiday full of. Marti Myra a special emphasis on young people and children for children 'Seagull Mini Kids Only' and Teens 'Junimax' clubs is located. Clubs training by professional instructors, are free of charge. 'Seagull Mini Kids Only' club special events for children throughout the day editing the 'Junimax' youth is bungee trampoline, climbing wall, surf simulator, rodeo, and offers activities such as the Wii game console.

Marti Myra, one of the most beautiful bays of the Mediterranean Sea, ranks among the ancient cities of Olympos and Phaselis. 1601 100 acres located on the land covered with pine trees, landscaping and the beach, the hotel's new 'Beach Club also appreciated. Children spend time with their peers, even if parents are Marti Myra on holiday to the sun, sea, nature and history will be filled with beauty.

Award-winning facilities

Marti Myra, Ministry of Tourism, nature conservation and tourism studies 'Three Pines' (environmentally friendly) and Turkey Hoteliers Union, the 'Golden Key' (The Best Holiday Village) awards. Marti Myra's awards include the clear sea, 40 meters of sand, 70 m long and 30 meters of pristine beach gravel deemed worthy of the 'Blue Flag' award is an international environment.

Facility Certification Program some time ago in the context of the White Star is the first audit, the highest category "A +" received the certificate. Turkey Federation, the hoteliers, the global platform accepted the certificate, 'Sustainable Environment and Efficiency Programme' within the scope of the facilities that meet international standards are the best way.habertürk

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