Marti La Perla hotels in England, the gold certificate of excellence award

The newly opened Italian restaurant that will offer visitors special flavors Marti La Perla this year, only for adults (+16) will serve.

Date of travel enthusiasts, and also many tourist attractions close to the Marti La Perla'da comfortable holiday which offers the opportunity of discovery awaits you.

Icmeler bay of Marmaris in the Aegean and the Mediterranean Sea Gull La Perla'da embrace the season began. This year a new application with the facility now serves only to adults over the age of 16. Marti La Perla guests, breakfast, lunch and dinner, offering Mediterranean, Aegean and international Ebruli Restaurant menus, as well as the special flavors to explore the newly opened Italian restaurant.

Pearl magic: Marti La Perla!

In Spanish 'th' La Perla, which means, appropriately on behalf of the board of 5678 square meters of land located on the seafront. The resort beaches with crystal clear waters, welcomes guests in the best way. Intertwined with nature, offering a magical holiday opportunity Marti La Perla, a spacious interior, aesthetic design, comfortable and bright atmosphere is very striking. Being close to the historical and tourist attractions, sightseeing, especially discovery option offers enthusiasts an alternative to the hotel's many rooms and 414 bed capacity is 197. Marti La Perla focusing on the comfort of its guests, entertainment, night shows and offers services such as health club.

Marti La Perla'ya British gold certification

Marti La Perla in England last year, the National Britannia Turkey NB Environmental Health Services, Inc. by the Gold Certificate of Excellence Award. Food and Water Safety Risk Management System applications for the award, the National Britannia Turkey where NB WHO (World Health Organization), sub-committee accepted international standard HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) principles are based.
NB National Britannia Turkey Marti La Perla hotels of the description of relevant risk management systems for food and water security in the international inspections, captured the level and stability of applications stated rewarded with Gold Certification for perfection.

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