Beach on the Sea of ​​Marmara Karamürsel "blue flag" was

International Foundation for Environmental Education, Environmental Affairs and Tourism on the beach and facilities that meet the criteria given, one of the blue flag this year was the Kocaeli Karamürsel Beach. Marmara Sea, Tekirdag Şarköy only beach with a Karamürsel 'blue flag' to carry the emblem.

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality's investment in the environment began to bear fruit. Built throughout the city wastewater treatment plants and 96 percent of the Gulf are being treated. Thanks to the investments made in all of these as a beach Karamürsel Altınkemer Ivoire was in the Marmara region which is blue flag for the first time.
Northern and southern hemisphere blue flag in the world who practice in 46 countries in total in 2012, Turkey ranked fourth in the category of the beach. Kocaeli in the world, a total of 3 thousand 730 shares, this became the owner of one of the blue flag. U. blue flag with the participation of officials TÜRÇEV be hanged on Friday, June 15, 2012.

Press Conference, Turkey Environmental Education Foundation (TÜRÇEV) Chairman of the Board of Directors Consent Equipment, Mater Peace, vice president, general manager Erol Güngör, Kayhan and Ergudar Nur Honorary Board members participated in Veliko Tarnovo.
Equipment, an industrial city of Kocaeli blue flag Receiving themselves as very happy, he said. Equipment, said: 'Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, especially the very large investments in treatment plant is signing. This flag was right. There are a lot of labor because the U.. The most important investment in a region can be done to obtain a blue flag, treatment facility. Hopefully Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality would be an example to all municipalities. "
Cleaned off the sea of ​​Marmara is very difficult because of the stressed Equipment, "Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, Kocaeli and today is very challenging to work with 13 treatment plant has successfully gained its gratitude for."
Vice President of the Peace Mater Ulaşlı'da Karamürel childhood, saying, "In fact, even the U. I learned to swim. Kocaeli 60 years ago, she's beautiful, longed for the days coming back. Karamürsel blue flag to take more delights me as vice president of the foundation's board of directors . " he said.


TÜRÇEV International Environmental Education Foundation, who coordinated the national level in Turkey in 2012, winning blue flag beach, marina and yacht have announced a press conference organized by the Istanbul Lutfi Kirdar Convention Center. Blue flag in Turkey in 2012, the number of facilities increased by 9.5 percent over the previous year, 355 beaches, 19 marinas and yacht reached 13.


Blue flag, international eco-label as an applied field, the tourism industry is known as a symbol of the world's most widely used standard. Blue flag, the other shore of the sea water microbiologically, including a mission, a certificate of compliance with international norms and standards to the EU. Who has applied for a blue flag beach, with an interval of 15 days by the Ministry of Health and sea water samples taken during the season, two parameters are microbiological analyzes. TÜRÇEV made between 15 days and is followed by the actual results of the analysis of sea water. 1987 in the international arena, our country began to be implemented in 1994 with a Blue Flag Programme for beaches, 32 marinas and criteria for the 24's.habertürk

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