2. century Roman baths from the Roman era and found the lost city

Kirsehir 2 estimated to be found-century Roman bath.The castle village of the town of Cicekdagi Büyükteflek mevkisinde, treasure hunters started about 1.5 months ago where the village headman who noticed that the remains of destroyed brick wall Eyup Baran, briefed the Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism.

Been in operation for the Headquarters and technical teams in charge of the excavation area and double-storey building located in the building sub-floor bath furnace (hypocaust) was detected.

Provincial Culture and Tourism Director Mustafa Gökgül, told reporters at the site, a protected area of the region is being carried out illegal excavations, launched a rescue excavation reports after it discovered the ruins of baths.

Removed about 1.5 months, representing ongoing studies uncovered the remains of baths Gökgül, said: "Notice that the remains of baths learned as a result of rescue excavation have received permission from the Council for the Protection of Cultural and Natural Heritage. Technical expertise and efforts of our friends turned out to work in such a short time. This bath, here is a large city, the presence of a temple in the city, the city suggests that the larger structures are related. 2. century, which we estimate that a Roman bath and has so far not included in the literature of a building undetected by anyone. Excavation work will continue until the end. "Excavation site approximately 2 meters high, made ​​of brick and stone walls that have been unearthed Gökgül, part two-storey structure, the lower floor of the fire is kindled, reported that the top floor of the marble tubs and water expenses.mynet

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