Ancient City of Ephesus did not return to their country without tourists in recent years lived in the most crowded day of

The giant cruise ships berthed in ports of Izmir and Kusadasi descending tourists, who flock to nearby cities or towns with road trips coming students, the ancient city of Ephesus, caused by a crush. 

Starting in the morning hundreds of buses, minibuses and taxis, Ephesus had to wait for hours to enter the parking lot.
Tourists coming to Turkey without seeing the day's most populous country has experienced in recent years did not return to the ancient city of Ephesus. Half day, about 15 thousand domestic and foreign tourists visited the ancient city of Ephesus. Coaches from the six cruise ship tourists in Kusadasi, Izmir and brought down the ancient city of Ephesus, Anatolia tours with newcomers from neighboring provinces and districts, the school trips, students created a complete stampede. Difficulty in the control groups lived in the guidelines, Theatre, the Celsus Library, Hillside Houses for minutes to enter the major sights, including the parking lot there was great confusion as the most ancient city expects. Buses, taxis, minibuses and a car parking lot with a long tail towards the ancient city sığmayınca occurred. As a result of long hours on the strivings of Selçuk District Gendarmerie Command teams picked up vehicles waiting to enter the parking lot. According to information from the ships anchored in Kusadasi and Izmir 15 thousand people formed a large part of those who, 193 buses, minibuses, 188, 310 Ephesus they traveled by taxi. Only in Kusadasi Nautica, Splendour of the Seas, 5 thousand 750 tourists came Navigateur of the Seas ships.

Tour travel agency, animation prepared for foreign tourists, because of the intense 15-minute intervals continuously repeated in the crowd. King wore ancient costumes, gladiators, who portrays the artists of the period shows traders, tourists applauded for several minutes. The majority of tourists every moment of the protests, then the viewers made the pilgrimage to the Virgin Mary out of the house.
Ephesus Ancient City has experienced local and foreign tourists, the biggest problem toilets. The toilets are long queues forming in front of the tourists, guides them wanted to take her place with toilets.habertürk

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