Cultural tours reservation period begins insured

Began to implement the moment of cancellation and refund insurance offered by the company, built by those who had to cancel because of reservations makes life easier for last-minute disruptions.

Unconditional cancellation and refund guarantee uninterrupted economic book makes even more attractive option.

Cultural tours reservation period begins insured

Tourism sector firsts Memorial Tour for 27 years, the practice rounds, the culture began to take advantage of cancellation and refund insurance.

Director of Culture & Tourism of Cyprus rare moment of a long tour, cancellation and refund applied to bookings of two years, the right insurance is no longer valid in the culture to make the rounds, said they started. Long, known to draw new routes in areas outside the country's very unknown promotes the cultural and natural beauties of the guests, to introduce the aims and wants to explore new territories, he added. Rare Long, guests stay in a difficult situation changes when the idea or they do not want insurance coverage for the cancellation and refund, including cultural tours, and they announced it has begun to implement.

Cancellation and refund insurance coverage

Day of the tour out, 72 hours (3 days) before the case of cancellation or change request is being offered an unconditional refund guarantee 100 percent seamless.habertürk

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