humans have walked on the sea evokes a sense of the world-famous Kızkumu

30 kilometers from the town of Mugla, Marmaris Orhaniye thousands of people every year come to see the village, 600 meters long, inspiring a sense of people have walked on the sea for the protection of the world-famous Kızkumu'nun turns of thought to the construction of the project got shelved. 

 Scientists have not taken under protection would be lost as soon as Kızkumu'nun argued.
Domestic and foreign tourists in the village 30 kilometers away from Marmaris Orhaniye which has become a way of wishing, the beginning of the end of the two white mermaid statue Kızkumu one and a half feet tall, seemed to disappear gradually spread. So the Special Environmental Protection Agency (EPASA), last year before being incorporated into the General Directorate of Natural Heritage, at the same time be no more than 50 people to walk on Kızkumu turnikeyle, so do not spread the sand for the prevention planned. However, the General Directorate of Natural Heritage, spent with ÖÇKK'nın project in the tourniquets. He therefore abandoned Kızkumu fate.

The largest response to this situation for years, doing research, and review articles relevant scientific Kızkumu'yla by the Scientific Technical Committee Member of the Chamber of Geology Engineers, Geological Engineer Dr. Ashraf showed Atabey. Kızkumu'nun nature's gift to mankind is the sign that a unique geological formation, and inheritance. Atabey Ashraf said:
"People walking on a prohibited even become obsolete in a few years even afford Kızkumu kumdili called. Because kızkumu a natural event thousands of years of geological evolution. Such expenses Kızkumu only memories remain. Kızkumu'nun world and in Turkey do not have a wife. This natural wonder need to protect. Kızkumu thousands of people a day walk on the set, especially during the summer leads to the destruction of spread. "

Environmentalists Association President Ahmet Kutengin Marmaris also been causing a tourniquet Natural Heritage Protection Directorate-General asked the authorities said. Kutengin, "me" We have written articles in the institution, the competent authorities. Look forward to answering them, 'the statement said. It' s special environmental protection area. From what the words are waiting, "he said.

From the village to see Kızkumu'nu Orhaniye Halime Yilmaz said that the protection of the region is unique in the world.


According to legend, in ancient times a king's daughter, falls in love with a poor fisherman. The king, however, does not give her daughter the fisherman. The king's daughter, the fisherman meets her lover in secret. Fisherman's daughter met someone, 'Fish is coming from the sea, waiting for her daughter on the beach, the location of the light is pointing. The kid is coming to light, and love your daughter plays with the boy until the day dawns dive 'tells the King's words.
The King heard them indignantly. One night his daughter on the beach yakalatan king ordered his soldiers to submit the point to the angler with light. Seeing the light kayığına boy jumped onto the beach and started paddling. Then to save the girl and her lover freed from the hands of the soldiers started to run. But her lover impossible for kayığına arrive. A miracle took place at himself, and he tossed waters. Every place has taken a step in the sand turned to her, who were pursuing soldiers, buried in the sea.

Girl ran up to the boat, but the two lovers full kavuşacakken, waved arrow, an archer, target the young man. Young man's daughter had found the yellow arrow to come. Presses the sands where the girl emerged, painted red blood mixed with water. The wounded boy who went to her lover. A further nor that they were seeing what.habertürk

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