district with the famous fountain in boiling hot thermal waters of the sea

Length close to 2 km wide and white sandy beaches, quality accommodation facilities and thermal facilities and a popular tourist center of Cesme. In a sea of ​​boiling hot thermal waters, beaches and other beaches in the region makes a large thermal pool.

Ilıca'daki big, small, residential facilities, is able to meet the need for intensive tourist capacity. Many even have water in small hotels and residential facilities. Fountain is one of the most important features Ilica beach, beaches, and especially, about a hundred meters from the shore into the sea is not to exceed the length of the strip people. Fed by thermal sources, especially in shallow water, ultraviolet radiation on human health is much more useful scientific findings are accurate. In addition, children benefit from this beach are suitable in terms of health and safety facilities.

Cesme's most visited historical monuments II. Used today as a museum built by Beyazit. Fortress of the fountain, the Ottoman Sultan II in 1508. By Beyazit, Governor of Aydın through Mir Haydar, son of the architect Mehmet Ahmet built. Initial construction of the castle was full sea shore. However, in later years took its present position as a result of sea-filling.
Fountain Beach
The castle and the port, trade and warships protected the poor weather conditions and enemy attacks. The southern gate of the castle, has all the characteristics of Ottoman architecture. To date, very well protected from Cesme Archeology museum is located inside the castle.

Cesme Museum, Topkapi Museum in Istanbul in 1965 brought the first time opened to visitors as a museum of arms and weapons, it continued until 1984. Began to deteriorate due to excessive humidity oxidized guns in the museum hall, museums have been transferred to İzmir Archeology and narcissus. It is known to be ongoing since 1964 in organizing the exhibition hall (Erythrai) obtained from the excavations in the ancient city is exhibited.

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