the entrance of Great Mosque of human silhouette appears

Late afternoon sun when it falls off the entrance of the mosque standing in the shadows while the silhouette of a man appears. This is similar to the rectangle in front of a silhouette and that there is a shadow of a man who prays and reads the Koran is believed to be the shadows

Great Mosque and Hospital, Sivas, historical mosques and hospitals Divrigi district. In 1228-29, Ahmad Shah mosque by the ruler of Mengucek; Darussifa the same date, the ruler of Erzincan Fakhr al-Din Ahmad Shah and his wife Turan Melek Behramshah by the daughter of an architect was built by Shah Ahlat Hürrem Muğis son. Darussifa the southern wall of the mosque was based on. Middle section is covered with a skylight dome, with the input consists of four iwans. The tomb is located in the northeast corner of the hospital. Great Mosque and Hospital of the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1985 was taken.
The entrance gate of the hospital

The prayer hall consists of five parts perpendicular to the mihrab. Large middle stand the others. Here in the segmented outer dome-like dome in front of the altar and covered with a blanket outside the pyramid has become dominant in the mosque. A skylight is located in the middle aisle. Skylights dome-shaped Turkish triangles used in the transition range. Different from each other are covered with star vaults sahınların mosque. This Seljuk mosque courtyard and plan type, plan type, a combination of both is possible to see the Umayyad.

Plan type and a unique work of art as decoration. Decorations of the portal, including three non-unity of style is different. The two-headed eagle motif decorations, including the very flood and baroque characters. The double-headed eagle coat of arms with the western portal Ahmed Shah Aladdin Keykubad.Catching motif coat of arms is born.
Today kirişleme traces of the earliest examples in Anatolia, which has been one of the sultan's loge timber. Ebony wood pulpit, embossed belts and star motifs sülüs script is made with great care. Flooding and large palmettes adorned with baroque structure bölümlerindendir important niche. Window to east side of the mosque (loge gentleman özgününde gate) on the Ahlat Naqqashikhatt Ahmed, the pulpit of Tbilisi and calligrapher Mehmed, son of Ibrahim Ahmed, the mosque of Ahmed, son of Mehmed the names inscribed on the south wall of the strip of verse. Great Mosque and Hospital of the structure can be considered a small community in the Seljuk period, although one of the six artists are remarkable. In this context, community structure, showing the presence of the Seljuks, as well as a great example of teamwork in the vicinity of Mengucek.

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