Underground City to visit the mysterious opening of Saint Mercurius

Excavation Aksaray Underground City Museum Director and Chairman of the St. Joseph Gold Mercurius, Saint Mercurius in the underground city of Cappadocia, Rosewood township resort Saratlı he said.

250 pcs for the years after Christ, the Underground City of Saint Mercurius cleaning work began in 2011 as work continued to gain this year, and tourism, indicating that recovery of gold, "the most important feature of this underground city underground city in Cappadocia, and this is not a church which is in to have, hold by a mystery in the tombs, "he said.

The number of rescue excavations in underground tombs completed and reached gold record rose to 31, said:

"20 tombs inside the church just started work last year. We continue to open the graves. Graves was an anthropologist to examine the ministry. When we came across the graves graves of more children in the church. How many are in the tomb of an adult. There are men and women buried on top of the tomb. Again, three human skeletons found in a chest-type tombs. Lime scale in this tomb, we think might have died due to the presence of a contagious disease. An indication of the respect for the majority of the graves is a child, the children ... This period is the first centuries of Christianity, the poor people. As both an anthropologist from the University of the Republic of the fifth year in a process to examine the skeletons of these receivables. The graves, the skeletons of living cultures of the early Christian era, age, cause of death was investigated in detail. "

Gold, a food warehouse in the middle of the church believes, adding that "this is a warehouse of the church believe that the donations are collected. Approximately 1.5 meters deep, and then drop into the soil filled with graves, "he said.

"City of Saint Mercurius country's tourism will gain ground," said Gold, "We're working to do this. Studies, an anthropologist from the tourism ministry and the opening of the underground city, has a drawback. After that, do landscaping project, "he said.

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