The Guardian newspaper, published every weekend excursion devoted attachment to Turkey.

18-page supplement on the first page in a picture was from Cappadocia. Enclosed, Antioch and the surrounding area, places such as Istanbul, the Black Sea region and are being introduced.

One article in the appendix, said in Turkey offers numerous options, especially the adventurous travelers. Rafting on the Coruh River in the Black Sea region can be done, tırmanılabileceği Mount Ararat, bicycle tours along the Aegean coast and the Taurus mountains, jogging katılınabileceği told.

The other article referred to the culture of nightlife and taverns of Istanbul, the chapters in entertainment and fine dining options on where to go places suggested.

Sumela Monastery and its surroundings, as well as relevant historical information as described in another article, also published an article in the Aegean region related to the camel wrestling.

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