Most tourists spending goes to dinner

Tourists who holiday in Turkey in 2011, personal spending was $ 18.7 billion.

Personal expenditure of tourists in the eating and drinking with $ 6.5 billion, creating the highest item of expenditure by tourists in accommodation expenses amounted to 3.1 billion dollars.
Tourists spent billions of dollars for health 488.4 million, gave $ 2.1 billion in transportation. Sport tourists in Turkey in 2011, 169.5 million dollars, finding the amount spent for education and culture, tour services, reached $ 240 million in spending money.

$ 2.7 billion tourists clothing, gift paid $ 1.6 billion

Tourists, 2.7 billion dollars in clothing and shoes, gift goods spent $ 1.6 billion. Carpets and area rugs from Turkey to 368.8 million dollars of expenditures tourists. Other expenses of $ 1.4 billion in cash that separates the tourists, so that personal spending was $ 18.7 billion.

Turkey's tourism revenue last year derived $ 23 billion, 4.3 billion dollars of revenue created from the package tour.

Average per capita spending of $ 637

Tourists in 2011, was $ 637 in Turkey, while the average spending per person.

20.4 million dollars last year, 23 billion in tourism revenue in Turkey, covering the summer months July, August and into September, the 3 months constituted the highest share of the income from the period. Turkey, reported revenue of $ 9.3 billion during this period.

U.S. $ 3.1 billion in tourism revenues in Turkey, which in the first period, 2 $ 5.4 billion in the 4th In the period reported revenue of 5.2 billion dollars. Turkey's tourism income in 2010 was 20.8 billion dollars.

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