three places visited most by tourists Topkapi Palace Museum, Hagia Sophia Museum and Ephesus

Topkapi Palace Museum, a total of 3 million 767 thousand 410, St. Sophia Museum, the ruins of Ephesus and 3 million 196 thousand 110 people visited the Place de 1 million 999 thousand 959.
Ministry of Culture and Tourism, according to information obtained from General Directorate of Monuments and Museums, the most favorite destinations of tourists in 2011, and was built in 1478 by Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror and the official residence of the Ottoman Empire 380 years used as the administration center of the Topkapi Palace Museum, considered one of the world's most important architectural structures in the borough of the 1475-year-old Hagia Sophia Museum and Selcuk ruins of Ephesus was based on years of establishment 6000'li BC.

Last year, the Topkapi Palace Museum, 3 million 767 thousand 410 people visited. Visitors from the Topkapi Palace Museum in total revenue was 56 million 664 thousand 477 dollars.
Which ranked second visit to the Hagia Sophia Museum, 3 million 196 thousand 110 people, while the income from visitors was 48 million 577 thousand 440 dollars.
Ruins of Ephesus with a total of 1 million 999 thousand 959 people took third place. Proceeds from the ruins of Ephesus Flourist was 31 million 431 thousand 525 dollars.

Mevlana Museum and Hierapolis

Mevlana Museum in Konya and Denizli in which Hierapolis ruins are among the most visited tourists. Mevlana Museum, 1 million 735 thousand 424 people last year, replaced by the ruins of Hierapolis in Denizli 1 million 625 thousand 143 people visited.
Museums and historical sites in Turkey, a total of 28 million 462 thousand 893 tourists while visiting last year, visits were obtained from 253 million 892 thousand 756 dollars of income.
In 2010 25 million 854 thousand 341 museums and historical sites in 2009 was 21 million 233 thousand 722 people visited.

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