Ukrainian women FEME group member 4, the action was the Hagia Sophia Square.

At noon, from a vehicle in front of Hagia Sophia FEME group Inna Shevchenko, Tayiana Zatserkovna, IANA Zhdanova and Oleksandra Shevchenko descending from the vehicle began to run at a time.
Protesters in just underwear on them girls, 8 March International Women's Day to protest the actions that violence against women. Turkish, "Stolen Lives" and the English currency, which resembles a woman who was beaten by FEME way girls painted their faces were seen. FEME daughters who started running in front of the Hagia Sophia, female police officers intervened. Women cops, naked activists were detained. FEME daughters were taken into custody, police vehicle was taken to safety boarded.

FEME, organizing a protest in front of the Embassy of Turkey in Ukraine three years ago, the Turkish authorities, Turkish men "to raise awareness about the Ukraine is not a brothel," urged.

Photo: Vedat Arık

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