Dungeons will be flown to Istanbul Yedikule the world's most courageous motocrosser's

Istanbul with an investment of 10 million euros, the world's most courageous motokrosçuları fly Yedikule Dungeons.

Worldwide 1.1 billion people watch the 'Red Bull X-Fighters is one of six foot, held this year on June 16 Yedikule Dungeons. 8 thousand tons of sand to move the mountain for the race Yedikule Dungeons.

One of the world's most exciting sports demonstrations will be held in Turkey this year, the Red Bull X-Fighters. Acrobatic moves along a trail through a specially formatted motorbikes up to 35 meters freestyle motocrosser flying 16 on June 16 this year in Istanbul Yedikule Dungeons gravity defying jumps over the dunes. The Pyramids of Egypt before the Moscow Red Square and the famous squares such as Plaza de Toros in Madrid in this exciting race will take place in Istanbul this year with an investment of 10 million euros.

11 thousand people, created a special course in the field of Dungeons Yedikule 1.1 billion people can watch television and the media will follow the race in Istanbul. Red Bull, the race for the realization of Dungeons Yedikule use 8 thousand tons of sand mountain. This sand is transported in 48 hours 500 truck Yedikule Dungeons. 11-day 740-person team to take part in the installation work.

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