Turkey was more polite society, many European nations

According to a written statement made ​​by Skyscanner, airline ticket search engine on your own page organized by the survey,'' courtesy'' the degree of users asked communities.

According to the survey, the French tourists who come to visit their countries refuse to use a language other than their own language, the Turks as a nation recognized by the travel lovers is seen as more polite.

19.2 percent of respondents' perceptions as a nation have not polite Frenchmen, only 2.1 percent rate in Turkey is defined by the attitudes of politeness is seen as remote.

According to the survey the French, Russians, Brits and Germans will follow. According to experts, the British-range approaches to interpretation, the Russians are not the assessment of languages ​​and gentle tones of the causes of this nation.

According to the survey of societies'' rudeness'' rates are as follows:

'' French, with 19.2 percent of the first, second, and Russians 16.6 percent, 10.4 percent of the British third, fourth and Germans 9.9 percent, 4.3 percent of Chinese people with the fifth, sixth, while the Americans with 3.3 percent, Hispanics 3.1 percent, 2.3 percent of Italians, Poles, followed by these countries by 2.2 percent. Takes place with 2.1 percent in the poll ranking the Turks.''

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