Phrases to describe the importance of nuts in the form of Turkish life

Turkey's official tourism portal "", the Turkish form of life created in the emphasis was placed on the importance of phrases to describe the nuts.
As an example, the "everything is beautiful 'peanuts' as we say. 'Nuts to break the' men kırıştıran term used for girls and women. 'Nuts founded', plump, vibrant woman means "was given. GoTurkey'in prepared by the official promotional website of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, History and Culture under the title section of the Turkish cuisine, dried fruit of any concrete example of the importance and richness of Turkish cuisine is discussed and the following was written:

Pitted not park

Nuts, in our society, primarily used in places in happier times, consumed a food item. The beans, a food-parks have become indispensable to those who went to rest. Indeed, it is not possible to sit in the park without the park, the core belief of the integrated core is widespread.
Drink of the table is indispensable

Drink meals, drinking a small amount of nuts must be kept of meetings and cocktails. In rural areas, villages kuruyemişle long winter nights, the taste is removed. Guests are entertained nuts. Nuts are also used a different purpose. For example, when they left plenty of nuts, heavy smokers smoking places.

Hazelnut founded: Chubby woman

Nuts in statements that were created. For example, of all things beautiful 'peanuts' as we say. 'Nuts to break the' men kırıştıran term used for girls and women. 'To be like Pestil' means decay very tired. 'Slosh' crush, beat, means tire. 'Bean-growing' to start a job means a very early age. 'Tough' weeding out broken and walnuts, which is called power. From here, you achieve power business, which is difficult to understand the meanings from person. 'Fistiki authority', slowly, means that with aplomb. 'Nuts founded', plump, vibrant woman means.

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