Istanbul introduced the Chinese version of National Geographic Traveller magazine

Writing through the eyes of Chinese people living in Istanbul, where a traditional Ottoman and Turkish cultures described in the journal, Orhan Pamuk, who lives in Istanbul and an interview with the writings of different portraits were included.
History and art enthusiast is introduced as a dentist from their childhood, student and adult periods after the introductory letter of introduction telling İstanbulunu attachment, living in Istanbul since 2007, a Chinese teacher named Yang Ging continues writings.

Chat over tea

Magazine, "The Mysterious Istanbul exploring" in an article titled Istanbul, likened to a market that everyone can find everything.

Describing the daily lives of Turks traditional magazines, "among friends of the Turks could drink tea and chat all day long" means.

The article highlighted tea and friendly discourse that is very important for the Turks, "Tea spoon to mix the sugar teat cup for the unique beauty of Istanbul is a melody" being saved.

The author says that it was also very important in football for the Turks and the common dialogs, questions for a chat with him, "Where are you from?", "How long do you live in Istanbul?'' And" Which team do you support? "Means that form.

In another paper in the journal is not the emphasis of the city of Istanbul are an ordinary and well-established civilizations of the world, and hosted by the nice features of each are described.
"All roads intersection point: Istanbul," underlines the city which has hosted many civilizations, "Greek romance, the mystery of Egypt, Rome, intelligence and courage and heroism that finally the Ottoman Empire," it says, and adds: "Istanbul, not belonging to any class. uniqueness and at the confluence of civilizations."

Rotary and the Confucian

Date of Istanbul's mosques, Turkish cuisine culture, as described in the publicity and the doner kebab flavor is described rotary magazine is described as having been overstated.
Rotary established the link between China's greatest philosopher Confucius, a famous thinker and an analogy of the doner kebab flavor readers is described in which he lives.
Confucius "raw country music was just so wonderful I listened, I have not had a taste of the meat after hearing three months" mealindeki referring to the famous word, "I wonder Confucius was the Turkish döner yeseydi still think so?" The question being asked and the "Confucian yemediğinden returns must have thought such as" phrase is being used.

The magazine also includes an interview with Orhan Pamuk and Pamuk's "Istanbul, my soul," the emphasis is on the statements.

In the cultural section of the magazine's award-winning film director Nuri Bilge Ceylan's "Distant" and Orhan Pamuk's "Istanbul, Memories and the City" book introduces readers to the Chinese.

Also prepared in the form of news journal file is part of the world famous Pamukkale hot springs and spa centers as the Chinese introduced to 4 pages.

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