The demonstration video about psoriasis labor in Turkey

Kakmada psoriasis, walnut, mahogany, rosewood trees are preferred, such as hard and firm texture. Motifs to decorate around the lead, tin, silver and alpaca wire is used.
In psoriasis, sweet sudan extracted from the shell of an oyster. Instead of mother of pearl or horn with mother of pearl, tortoise shell, ivory and bone are also used.
Mother of pearl work, '... carving' and 'inlay' procedure is done with. First, the motif to be processed, the tree is drawn. Cutters with steel tip called the drop-down channel keskilenerek wire around this motif is deposited and the hammer blows using a small wire, the tree is buried.
Lifting of the wire to prevent the liquid thoroughly with water, white glue is applied on the treated wire. With the chisel, drawn motif carved in the shape of the interior in accordance with carved mother of pearl motif, firmly grasping the two-finger, grinding stone, and shaped into a motif, are glued together with white glue and wood putty made ​​from the powder.
Placed piece of mother of pearl is left to dry for two hours, rubbed with a fine rasp and sandpaper to obtain a smooth surface. Then polished with shellac dissolved in ethyl alcohol.
Shellac, compressed cotton instillation and rapid, circular, rhythmic motions polish to dry on the piece must be to keep polishing.

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