Kastamonu Ottoman patterns Lithography (Sini Print)

My husband and daughter, three of us are working. I taught my daughter also. I opened the course to make this thing three times. Gösteremedim course success.
Nobody does it also decided not to support material and moral aspects.
This is something done on behalf of Kastamonu. Where they go, he is known for Printing Kastamonu.
Because, nowadays, in the days before it was invented in Kastamonu Kastamonu name is being used for. To do this,
I want to give the opening and the state's support for the course. I want to proliferation.
So I work for the introduction of Kastamonu. This bothered.
Linden tree is done. I'm an old Ottoman patterns. Yerleştiremiyorum a pattern in my head.
I can do. Or is this process and I'm not willing to move out of the Ottoman Empire. Ettiriyorum Ottoman Empire continued the same pattern.
For example, deer, roosters, lions, birds, peacocks, budgerigars.
I die just because I started my pre-purchase, began to die. There was an elderly uncle, I found this uncle, 'I am my son, I'm not a permanent pattern of this world, or learn' he said.
And the pattern is also learned, learned to paint from the root.
Now the cloth, cream-colored cloth, formerly Kastel being done. I think this kastellemeyi think that whiteness.
I will raise him to do so also in that özeniyorum.
First, taking the tree home, cut engine cut out. 5 cm or 6 cm wide, cut out the pattern. Then draw the pattern, the pattern oyuyorum After drawing the knife.
Oyuyorum knife. Her own in the head, according to the pattern carved the take off.
Takes nothing short of a day, too, remain stable in the two days, three hours, according to the pattern continues, according to the mold design.
So there is no room in the hands kesilmedik arm. So it does not end with something simple, namely that from my blood.
It becomes obvious that the handicraft.

The purpose for doing this now, in the face of the pırtıklı.
Learning is not over. There are more noksanım. So 36 years would continue, but I also have more noksanım.
More I could not master. Must find for me to be master of my masters. I could not find him because there, they die.
I myself breed.
Before I start from the hub after it settles in the order. All patterns, each placing a pattern from the mold.
For example, let's say I'm doing one on one, doing one on one, doing one on one, all, ten grains, preparing them to make one in twenty.
Placing one edge of the core mold after making the first hub. Then I give it water to prevent mold, the cycle of water. Again after the water cycle, but putting it live, but a lifeless form.
Then, the filling, after filling the outer edge of the four corners of the corner of the outer edge of the mold after it is shot.
I can not stop doing so and seeing. Certainly I'll do that. So I went to a place, at the beginning of that material to my house, I could no longer come to the door açasıya.
I arrive at my child that is entering into Çoluğumun in her own right, I have caught so much in love with this profession.
Now, foreign, domestic support is ordered. I would go there.
Now came from Italy, came to Germany before, came from America. Now, a letter arrived at my hand for now, this article will go over to America, invited.
To go to America, there is going to work live. Kastamonu Turkey to both live and work there and want to show my own profession as well as'm introduced.

Our purpose in this fist vurmamızdan sucking this gland.
Now my reason for my staying, I'm interested in this art, I've left it out of curiosity.
I'm getting patterns from museums and ministries, universities are the archives of Fine Arts Academies.
Getirtiyorum archives that this is now a book motif was 10 thousand. Patterns in this book and this book is gonna say I'm doing in the patterns.
This is the mouth of the mold with a cloth dye deemed fully absorb cloth. Flows in the morning goes emmezse cloth, dye flows from the gland goes. Then you can sell a time, do not take any more.
But then she paints akmadıktan cloth, then cloth çürümedikten çürümedikten paint does not go to her after she was shot.
Buramız calluses. So these places clavus stamped. Do you got used to this place that goes on informally. Hitting is important, certainly important.
I tried it and did not leave it alone so far. I am determined to run in until my dying breath.

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