Anatolian shepherd dog appeared about 6000 years ago in Anatolia

Anatolian shepherd dog in the world, recognized by all major dog clubs, dog breed is a type of mastiff. Western states, as the Turkish shepherd dog bilinir.
American imlâsıyla Kennel Club dogs of the working group, located in Central England by The Kennel Club Dog Sheepdog group and the World Federation (FCI) 2 according to groups in section 2.2 ppp (molossus / mountain dog # 331). Kangal, Akbash and Anatolian Shepherd dogs and controversial subject of whether a separate races in the world Kangal in Turkey, authorities are being taken to be recognized as a race of thoroughbreds.

Anatolian shepherd dog, big, flashy and powerful dog breed. Has superior meziyetlere to protect livestock herds. Loyalty, independence and renowned for durability. Coat is short (2.5 cm) or long (ca. 10 cm) may be. May have a variety of colors and patterns. With the appearance of the thieves and wolves ürkütse grown docile as a house dog.

Anatolia, the Anatolian shepherd dog appeared about 6000 years ago. Anatolia evolved to adapt to the harsh climate and the nomadic lifestyle and kullanılageldi by shepherds as guard dogs against predators. Manufacturers, close to the sheep to make it more difficult to be detected by predators cüssede dog and took care to produce color. This race came to the United States and were produced in the 1950s. Recognized by the AKC in 1996 as a thoroughbred race

Burly, powerful and frightening appearance. Unless bold, but very calm dog sezmediği threat. It is very durable and very agile. Long-lived (usually more than 10 years) and generally work well until we're old. has a strong sense of smell. For warmer conditions, and is manufactured entirely in order to see business has a unique protective instinct.

Males shoulders 80 cm high and can weigh up to 70 kg. Competitions are usually 73 cm high and 50-70 kg in men older than 2 years is, females are 68 cm high and 35-55 kg, and also scattered cüssenin expected to be balanced.

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