Marmaris is a beautiful destination in the Eastern Mediterranean route for ships engaged in

ipek tugay, which is one of Turkey's most important cruise ports in the last two years, serving as the main port of Marmaris Port 93 ship 99 thousand in 2008, 2009, 74 ships of 83 thousand 204, 2010, 85 ships of 107 thousand, 87 ships of the 175 thousand 415 workers last year, he said.
Despite the rise in the number of passengers not to increase the number of vessels more than 2010 large-capacity vessels is due to visit to the striking Brigade, passengers British, German, Italian, French and Americans said occurred.

This year they are expecting further increases in the Brigade,''according to the geographical location of Marmaris is a beautiful destination for ships engaged in the route of the Eastern Mediterranean. However, the most important region in the Egyptian Eastern Mediterranean packages. Due to turmoil in Egypt, cruise packages, companies can not find enough demand for the ships of the Western Mediterranean Sea, the route turned the routes they could sell more. We have seen the negative effects of this, and unfortunately this year we will continue to see,''he said in 2012.

Recorded in many parts of the world doing publicity Brigade, said:''Finally, the Seatrade Winter Cruising Forum, held in Istanbul attended. Cruise tourism, guiding the largest cruise companies in this forum managers, port authorities in Turkey, shipping agents and agencies who participated in the ships land tours. Turkey Forum discussed the role and importance of cruise tourism. In addition, during the winter months can be done in the name of the subject was to extend the tourist season. In addition, workshops were organized. Workshops as a cruise port of Marmaris and very productive talks with company officials were able to make the meeting held. As a result of our discussions, cruise companies have not time to Marmaris Marmaris destination as never before introducing the next few years have made efforts to put the trip to the routes.''

By a small number of cruise ship companies to increase the number of flights to Marmaris in the direction pointed out that attempts Brigade, said they received positive responses on this issue.

Meanwhile, Thomson's Celebration cruise ship has begun and the exchange of Marmaris where the Mediterranean is doing a tour this year will continue to change the ship's passenger records Brigade, will be''26 times Thomson Celebration ship will make about 70 thousand passengers landed and rode some of the Marmaris holidays in and around the hotels will continue. In addition, some cruise companies to use as the main port for the exchange of Marmaris whether passengers are talking,''he said.

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