Turkey's European Union funded the production of wine

Mayor Bahadın Dilaver Ozcan, told reporters, Bahadın Municipality, Culture and Solidarity Association, Ankara and the Ankara University Faculty of Agriculture Bahadınlılar among the partners of fertile land, where the''Bahadın'da, Working Women's Project''under the 110 women in organic viticulture and winemaking training was given 6 months, 6-month trial basis at the end of education was made the first wine production, said.
President Ozcan, 27 July 2010 by the European Union, Women's Employment Support Grant Program by expressing acceptance of the project, said:''This project was a project to make organic viticulture and wine. The project was approved. 148 thousand euros, 90 percent of the budget was welcomed by the EU. Culture and Solidarity Association, Ankara, Agricultural Faculty of Ankara Bahadınlılar was with our project and the project implemented for 1 year. Woman 110 for 6 months received training in organic viticulture and winemaking. The budget of the European Union have established Bahadın borough of wine production workshop. Dönüştürebiliyorlar wine grapes are produced by women here. For now, not a commercial enterprise. Currently we have made and produced. We produce this wine, now only gift, but this year we plan to do corporated in the export-oriented production. Therefore, both in terms of our trial production and evaluation of wine grapes in the quality of experience has given us.''

Ozcan, which started production in plants is currently not remain in this state, and several apparatus are added to wine in the coming years, as well as pects of the production of''sour''and''molasses''said the thought. So far a total of 5 thousand 200 bottle of wine production are doing a trial, the trial production of better-trained women who stated they saw Ozcan, gave the following information:''an important feature of our region in terms of grape juice grapes. However, to date only the table as it değerlendirebilmişler producers. For this reason, going blind wine-growing region. Now, District Directorate of Food, Agriculture and Livestock is visualized through the efforts of trying to re-growing. In addition, the diversity of agriculture within the scope of the product can be produced in different fruits and vegetables. We are also evaluating them in the coming years, molasses, canned food and plan to produce a so-called yöremize own sour. All of these are produced under the brand name of Bahadın. In this way, our producers will be able to create more revenue.''

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