At any rate on the healing thermal waters in Europe distributes Afyonkarahisar

Thermal Afyonkarahisar Tourist Hoteliers Association (ATTİD) President Ali Acar, Afyonkarahisar hotels operating in the thermal, 80 percent of the level takes place in 2011, they expect the number of tourists by telling them the room price is the cheapest of the facilities, which in turn leads to trouble in terms of thermal plant operators said.
Pointed out that a large part of the 5 stars hotels in thermal Afyonkarahisar Acar,

'Hotels have good enough'

Acar, thermal hotels serving Afyonkarahisar be beautiful and good security, fire alone is not enough, the thermal plants in services should be given to people coming from different cultures, he said.

This fall the immense task of public institutions and organizations representing Acar, said:''Public institutions where they are trying to be nice but just not enough of the interior. Environment should also güzelleşmesi. Environmental studies, the development of cultural services and should güzelleşmesi. Fully termaliyle, environment, culture, activities, then they would be better if a combination. I hope the public institutions in this direction, by municipality, hand in hand to correct them.''

'Target to open up the world'

Acar, thermal hoteliers also talked about the expectations of 2012, Afyonkarahisar, and expect the number of tourists increased by 20 percent. Afyonkarahisar thermal plants that serve primarily as a leisure and entertainment about the Acar, said:''is among the targets of 2012, is open to the world. Opening date was Havalimanımızın less. Therefore, in Europe, waiting for the next guests. In 2012 the construction of a new hotel in the ongoing and there will be opened. These hotels that not only the domestic market no longer have to açılmamız world. Our expectation of this. 3-hour flight, and opens us to the world that may have 1.5 billion people.''

First, the health service after the entertainment

Acar, in Europe, a thermal average of 150 euros per person per day income of the hotel indicating that, after being the sole cause of the health service before the service for leisure and entertainment, he said. Afyonkarahisar the value of the thermal mineral waters, which stated that Europe has accepted the values ​​4-5 times higher Acar, said:''Afyonkarahisar values ​​of thermal waters in Europe have accepted the healing property valued at nearly 5 times. Europe, 1 liter water, 1 milligram of mineral solution is found, it is considered to be the curative waters. 3.5 to 6 milligrams per liter, there is only 1 solution for the thermal waters of Afyon. Europe wants to distribute the rate of healing over. This rate is one of the important features of Afyonkarahisar With a focus on the thermal field.''

Thermal Afyonkarahisar Tourist Hoteliers Association Chairman Ali Acar, in Europe, reminding people that the right to go to 2 years of thermal plants,''however, the thermal treatment prescribed in Turkey, partly as a medical treatment is considered. Not been fully considered. Therefore, our people, both physically rested if rest is thermal hotels as well as the brain is rested. Become a more comfortable environment when they return to the world of business is,''he said.

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