The Yezidis are a lot of different multi-cultural structure of Anatolia

Particularly in the north of Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Iran, Armenia and Georgia, in communities of Yezidis in the 1970s, mainly in the village of Sanliurfa Viransehir their own unique way of life continues around the borough 30-40.
Since 1980, usually for economic reasons to migrate to countries such as Germany and Switzerland, these countries Yezidiler'in starting with the beginning of settlement, and to invite them to their relatives in Turkey, their population declined rapidly.
Depending on Viranşehir'e Zodiac, Oğlakçı, Bozca and Kerme Yezidis villages, traditions continue their lives as closely connected. Numbers in the region, which is around 400 Yezidis, usually makes a living from farming.

Abroad and those who died are buried in Turkey

Difficulties in access to resources for writing their own prayers are not enough information about the matters complained Yezidis, explained to the long years since the birth of the sun as it came, noon and sunset are to be 3 times a day of worship.

Moving towards the direction where the sun and their hands on each other, knits the Yezidis,''prays for protection from evil and disasters''. 9 days fasting periods of the year, which keeps all the Yezidis, usually in a valley between the fall in the northern Iraqi cities of Dohuk and Mosul-the tomb of Sheikh Adi become pilgrims visit the site of host anemones.

The tomb of Sheikh Adi, as well as the white clothes, who visited the holy places which they considered to be a part of Yezdiler'in where their children are baptized.

Importance to the ground in their belief that a separate Yezidiler'den those who died abroad, brought to Turkey, his native land, are buried. ''Accepted''the sacred tombs of the sun and the sun Yezidiler'in figures of peacocks, the photo is the person who died. Corpses buried in the tombs where the luminous''coffin''Lalişa script also is located.

Relations with the local people

Yezidis Viranşehir'deki has inhabited villages, Ramadan and the Eid Muslim holiday to the visit and its neighbors, celebrating festivals. Establishing commercial partnerships with a part of the Yezidis, who visited them in December in the''Bayramı''nda Yezidi holy Muslim friends, is happy.

For Muslim guests in their homes, even containing namazlık some Yezidis, Muslims, cutting takes care of animals for food they will serve guests. Which is a closed society, and often married among themselves Yezidiler'in 3 days, 3-night celebrations in the region is of similar properties düğünlerle often.

Importance to the happiness of children that the Yezidis, their children, especially girls, from among persons who belong to their religion, but on condition that beğenmesi evlendirebiliyor each other.
Viranşehir'de has inhabited the Yezidis, attaches great importance to children's education. Depending on the district and the village of Zodiac belonging to Muslim families with children working in agricultural jobs Yezidi students at the school who share the same order, with the vast majority spend their time.

Brothers and sisters had gone their own

Zodiac Halis Avanaş village notables, said many years ago due to financial impossibilities, but his two brothers had emigrated to Germany with his brother said she had decided to remain in its homeland.

Previously the vast majority of the village is located approximately 40-50 households had migrated, currently only 18 households remained about the Avanaş, agriculture, agricultural input prices high because they are engaged, but from time to time expressed the distress experienced.
Intertwined with the people of the region they live, and so far no problems expressing karşılaşmadıklarını Avanaş, said:

''Muslims in general internal icey. To tell you're going the right competency. Friends, to call on holidays, we celebrate. When a part of our bayramımız come visit us. I have a friendship with many of the social life. Religions, sects separately, but if anyone is looking to its own business.''

Learning about their religion, so that there is sufficient written source olamadıklarını have enough information about some of the issues Avanaş,''we want to live our religion better. Şeyhlerimiz not able to learn something properly. Şeyhlerimizin return to Germany, we want to show young people the way,''he said.
A teacher for several years in the village since the village of Murat Stone said that the belief in terms of any distinction.

The first is assigned to that period, but the villagers acquaintance pre-judgments about the loves and has established good relations with the Stones, no loneliness in his time, is attracting the villagers said all kinds of offers that.

What is Yezidism?

Middle Eastern origin, a belief system, and institutionalized by Sheikh Adi Yezidism specified, a monotheistic religion.

12. half of the century, and until then''emerged''Zoroastrians who worship the sun, known as the Yezidis, is prohibited according to their own belief systems, including addressing the issues 15 century post a mythological nature of work''and''inscriptions''Meshaf Resh Celve''yi accept it as the holy book.

According to some sources, which is defined as the mix of the three major religions in terms of pagan worship Yezidiliğin also declared that it reflected the culture.

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