Away from heat, moisture, people are now being overwhelmed by the snow, fog and rain wants to see

Governor of Giresun, Dursun Ali Sahin, the past week with the participation of Culture and Tourism Minister Ertugrul Günay Giresun Tourism-Oriented Development Project''to the''meeting of the Eastern Black Sea, the region's tourism enough share in the implementation of the concept of tourism on the agenda''for the''Green Journey reminded me of that.
Tourists from around the world come to Turkey with the name''Blue Voyage''often had the opportunity to roam the shores of the Mediterranean and the Aegean, the sea and enjoy the sun, representing çıkardıklarını Sahin,''People have so far been longing for the sea coast has experienced. But there, the temperature, noise, humidity'm sick of seeing this time and nature, green journey began to think they will find more refreshment. Today, the city's bustle, tourists, holiday centers kalabalıklığından bored, alone with nature and feel like, to see every shade of green, to relax, to find peace of mind began to prefer the highlands. Started the preparations by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism that will pioneer the concept of''green''Journey,''he said.

'Green ferahlayacaklar journey'

Giresun, Ordu, Trabzon, Artvin, Bayburt, Gumushane, Rize and Samsun, including the equine population of the Eastern Black Sea Regional Development Agency was established as it is in the middle of the provinces of Giresun is intended that the center of the Hawk, said:
''Away from heat, moisture, people are now being overwhelmed by the snow, fog and rain wants to see. To see this in the most appropriate location is in Eastern Black Sea. People no longer believe they will find a more spacious green ride will journey to the highlands. Trip journey to green pastures, I mean to say. Highlands, the new regulations, new development will provide residual income to the region by winning another change movements. In the past, which is a source of income yaylalarımız animal husbandry, tourism attractions, will be longer. This increase in our city, will allow an increase in prestige.''

'Plateaus accommodation problem will be solved'

Last month, the Middle East countries came to Giresun and plateaus around 30 tourism travel agency owner is doing, in terms of the development of tourism, the region is extremely important to the governor about the Falcon, said:''Giresun Vault, Bektas, particularly Kulakkaya There are many, including highland. This yaylalarımız, the world has a unique beauty. All the natural beauties of this world must tanıtmamız. Tourism, a low-cost investment. Plateau, which is most of the provinces of Giresun tourism will share the profits. Will this success with the concept of''green''Journey. Accordingly, yaylalarımızda few hotel accommodations will be made to remedy the problem. Wooden constructions, not to exceed the size of the tree from the highlands or the environment will be harmonized. One type of lease that tourists will be the home model.''

Sahin, the establishment of the airport between Giresun and Ordu, Giresun with the extension of the route of the road connecting the town of inland Şebinkarahisar the Virgin Mary Monastery, located in the county adding that they aimed to tourism 

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