endemic plant species, where the honey produced in the highlands

Fevzi Rize Civaoğlu Beekeepers Association, the region around 2 thousand 500 arıcının said that about 80 thousand in the hive of honey production.
Thousand tons of honey are produced annually across the province about 500 to Civaoğlu,''This year around 600 tonnes of honey produced in Rize. Chestnut honey is usually produced in Rize. In addition, with flowers are produced in very small amounts of honey,''he said Komar.

Rize is a good climate and natural conditions, and is rich in flora due to the presence of many endemic plant of Turkey and the world that produced one of the best ballarından Civaoğlu, said:''Rize is famous for honey, which is the amount of the endemic plants . Obtained from the high parts of the province, especially the quality of honey is more.

This shows that the quality of our city honey. No other product do not use artificial honey wax. Beehives in areas with no chemical pesticides are usually being done. Honey produced in this way is very high quality and natural.''

Of the town of Rize, Anzer Plateau Ikizdere, between 2300-3000 altitudes around 150 for about 3 thousand in the hive of honey are produced by the beekeeper. Anzer honey and honey collected from beekeepers united under the umbrella of Village Cooperative Agricultural Development, the Department of Biology, Hacettepe University Faculty of Arts and Sciences mühürleniyor been registered after the pollen analysis, and then comes on the market. Anzer honey stomach, intestines, heart and vascular disease, including many said to be good.
Black honey hive, with the center of Istanbul, 5 sales point is being released counties Camlihemsin. President Mustafa Kestioğlu Camlihemsin Agricultural Development Cooperative, Çamlıhemşin organic honey produced in Turkey is one of the best ballarından said,''because of such a nature, flora and flowers do not have anywhere else. 1400 m altitude plateaus of the bees in the combs, they collect pollen out of 3 thousand meters. This also improves the quality of honey,''he said.

Ayder honey famous tourist region

Those who want to get away from stress and busy pace of life in flocks in the Ayder in recent years, in 1987, was declared a tourist center.
Bounds in recent years, increased mobility of mountain tourism, air is specified to be good for asthma, attracts attention with hot springs, and finally the honey. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people visited the Ayder, and thermal springs, as well as the nature of the last 10 years since its honey produced and specified that the brand is growing as a source of healing.

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