One of the largest glass greenhouses heated with geothermal energy

100 acres of the town was founded near the village of Harran Karaali in greenhouse tomato production was made under the heat from the warm waters.
Group of Companies Member of the Board of Directors Altunkaya Altunkaya Mahsum, said in a statement, said the gains of a different dimension to understanding of the greenhouse area. 100 acres of geothermal heating system is the only defense in the Southeastern Anatolia Altunkaya glass greenhouse, cluster tomato production in the greenhouse on the lot in yield, healthy, hygienic, and they expect to produce a tasty product.

There are only three of the greenhouse production of this kind of reminiscent of the scale of Turkey Altunkaya, said:''greenhouse humidification, ventilation, and everything from electronics to cars are now controlled by computers automatically. Most important of all heating system. This work is one of the most important cost of energy. A region where the geothermal. Mined from underground hot water heating system by establishing a kind of heating do. 70 degrees from underground hot water into the furnishing special heating via pipes to provide greenhouse. During heating pipes in the water temperature drops to 40 degrees. This is a significant advantage for us. According to the coastline of the Mediterranean region, more cool winters, although it allows the system to grow high-quality product. Easy and cheap energy provided by geothermal energy for greenhouse in later years will become indispensable. The first stage, the glass of a greenhouse heating system, the high capital cost may seem like a disadvantage, given the profitability and efficiency advantage of this situation will change in later years.''

500 thousand acres of the Turkey Project Consultant, Mehmet Sait Guci greenhouse with an emphasis on that there, said:''Greenhouse in our country in recent years there has been a modern way. We have all the possibilities of modern technology used in the production of this greenhouse vine tomatoes are done. Clusters of more natural and better tasting tomatoes because we prefer. With the advantage of the technology offered by us using less pesticide carry out the production of safer products. Tomatoes grown in Russia, Germany and the Netherlands as we have exported to various countries such as the world's major markets, we also offer for sale.''

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