Underground City of Saint Mercurius tourism and given their

Aksaray Museum Director and Chairman of the excavation of Saint Mercurius Underground City High Art Historian Joseph Gold, had become one of the symbols of the underground cities of Cappadocia, in the city of Aksaray Saratlı Kırkgöz underground cities shows that there is more and more attention of foreign tourists, he said.
Groundwater from the land of the underground city, the City of St. Mercurius Saratlı tourism that started a study to give the gold,''Underground City and the church of Saint Mercurius, Christianity is forbidden in the MS 250 pcs in the period of Saint Mercurius is widely used, this term was used as a shelter,''he said.

Gold, the church of Saint Mercurius Underground City and the dimensions of tourism in order to gain their determined archaeometric geophysical radar scan, and then began preparations for the cleaning and excavation work, he said.

3 of Saint Mercurius underground work in the City of week of the 3 levels that records have cleared Gold, said:''6 archaeologists and 25 workers continue to work. 7-story underground city we consider to be cleaned up to 3-times. Develik input of the people expressed in the underground city, an inn that is made from the Seljuk period. Introduction to the continuation of corridors and rooms, floors are made. All passageways connecting to the church. The kid from the underground churches in general, a larger church here. Created in a separate room within the church and children's graves. In addition, various types of crosses in the church there. This is the Eastern Roman period has seen more use. Studies conducted in the city groundwater removed from storage cubes revealed. In a corner of the underground city, the people, expressed as a votive shrine is dedicated Develi Dam. This place is next to the room, duck or swan carved stone reliefs have thought that.''

Saratlı'ya influx of foreign tourists

Borough President Nedim Uğuz Saratlı, underground cities of Cappadocia, which is one of the most important addition to the City of Saratlı Kırkgöz Underground said a new underground city for tourism graduates.

7-story underground city that is 3 times the cleaning work continued Uğuz, said:''Saratlı Kırkgöz Underground City, with a length of 700 meters and then, in the church, water well, a grain warehouse and underground chambers where the City of St. Mercurius tourism We're working to acquire. With the opening of tourism in this area have meant waiting for the influx of foreign tourists. Saratlı Kırkgöz 114 thousand foreign tourists in 2010, while visiting the City of groundwater, the number of visitors this year was 130 thousand. Underground City of the St. Mercurius in 2012 with the opening of tourism in total number of foreign tourists who visit the city of two underground aim to pass 200 thousand.''

Uğuz, has become an important center Saratlı'nın underground cities in Cappadocia, he added that they continue to work on the separation of satisfied tourists here.

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