from various regions in the mountains skiing ski-lovers can enjoy your fill of live Zigana

Nearby counties and the region as well as citizens from around the country to ski and flock to see the spectacular nature of the Zigana, from time to time in the round-tripping is one of the popular destinations.
Unlike last year's winter season is a great start this year in the face of the Zigana'da tourism and laughs.

Director of Youth Services and Sports Gumushane Israfil The Lion, the ski centers in various regions of Turkey, despite being the first snow of the region themselves Zigana stating that they were pleased,''Ski tracks are reached full occupancy rate. From various parts of the surrounding cities of our country skiing and ski-lovers can enjoy your fill of Zigana'da live,''he said.

Facilities in Gümüşkaya zigana, emphasizing that it is Turkey's most important ski centers in the Lion, said:''Skiing facilities rakımında Zigana'nın 2 thousand 60's. One of the skiing and the other professionals here in two pistimiz available for new learners. The most important feature of our facilities, until the beginning of April, after falling snow skiing can be made very easily. This process is extremely long. Many do not have this feature in our area ski resort. Intense interest in the ski lovers. This is working to increase the level of interest. Organize the different organizations. Zigana'yı to make it more effective.''

Carry out a study to start skiing early age, voicing Aslan,''Social Support Program (SODES) prepared under the project will provide 6-7 years the children in ski school. Basic training area 200 in children 20 championship contender will send Turkey to bring the situation. Because everything is very suitable for Zigana'da. Snow skiing enthusiasts need crushing machine and the participants of this camp is trying to make it comfortable to play sports,''he said.

The student also is frequented by convoys

Black Sea Technical University (BTU) of students in the procession of about 100 people came to ski Zigana'ya made. Gansukh Altantsetseg citizen studying in KTU Mongolia, ski centers in the territory, but that did not make any ski said,''It's very beautiful. I do not know, but I started to learn to ski,''he said.

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