History, civilization and tolerance: The City of Antioch

Which is one of the oldest settlements in Anatolia, in Hatay, hosted by the traces of many civilizations and empires, still it can be seen as the first day. Anatolia, the Middle East that are on roads that link the Hatay, it features a very rich in terms of tourism potential. With tolerant approaches Hataylıların Islam, Christianity and Judaism can live together for many years the city, reminiscent of an open-air museum.
Hatay, which is the symbol for those who look nice in the first outing of Independence Avenue is recommended. This street is a temple belonging to 3 different religions together with the host makes a difference. This is the street coming mosque, synagogue and church gezebiliyor, everyone is able to worship freely according to his belief.

The world's first cave church in Hatay

Habib-i-Najjar in the foothills of Mount city center 13 meters long, 9.5 meters wide and 7 meters high, the cave is of special significance to Christianity. Hz. After the death of Jesus, the apostles St. Christianity came and suggestions about the place where Pierre mentioned, has the distinction of being the world's first cave church. Hz. Christians, who believe in Jesus''name''where the first mentioned here in St. St. Pierre Church, still has the distinction of being an important cultural heritage.

The world's 3rd largest mosaic museum

Through the city on the banks of the Asi River, immediately welcomed visitors since 1948 and the Archaeological Museum of Antioch, the city's historic and cultural wealth in the form of a reflection of true. Within the Hittite, Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine periods of works from the museum where, in terms of collection of mosaics in the world is in third place.

Two and a half acres on the board you find the museum, 115 vessels of 18 thousand 600 square meters of mosaics as well as archaeological and ethnographic pieces 987, 14 thousand the 412 coins, 432 tablets, seals and seal pressure of the 412 thousand, 2 A document of the archive, 73 pieces of manuscript While a total of 35 thousand 433 pieces of works, including books, but only a thousand of them are on display 500. Located in the museum with artifacts from the period to the present date are spread in front of the eyes.

Mosque of Habib-i Najjar

In the hands of the Muslim Arabs in Hatay and Antioch in 638 of the Habib-i Najjar built in the mosque is believed to be the first mosque built in Anatolia. Which hosts a large number of visitors to the mosque, madrasa and tomb of Habib-i Neccar'ın's rooms.

Long Bazaar

Antioch in the 1890s, and the clothing of all kinds of local foods as possible to make a purchase Long Bazaar, close to the workplace within the 750 houses. Reported that approximately 20 thousand people a day visit the bazaar, food, clothing, dairy products, candy, jewelry and spices until everything is sold in shops, shopping can be a mystic. Without those who did not return to the city, the bazaar, at every moment of the day is moving.

The historic city center

Hatay city center, with nearly every step of the karşılaşılabiliyor a date. The city center still houses entered by passing the narrow streets of everyday life continues, those who visit a very different weather makes time. Hatay, as well as the richness of the cultural aspects of the Asi River and has a distinctive beauty. Hatay tourists from the city center, bearing the traces of different civilizations and beliefs in the past have traveled to this beautiful city, literally.

Tourism the greatest potential

Antioch Mayor Lutfi War, historical and cultural richness of the city are working to assess the best way, he said. Of tourism for the city is most important about the war, said:''Our expectation is a very large tourism. The greatest potential for tourism city. The number of tourists visiting the city on the rise with each passing day. We want to increase it more. Antioch is trying to evaluate the historical texture to it very well. Future goal is to move the historic fabric of the largest in Antakya. Restoration work is done for him.''Antioch, explaining that residents realize the benefits of tourism to the War, said the people will take with them hand in hand with the city a better place.

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