Bolu thermal waters provide important benefits to human health

Bolu Health Department and the East Marmara Development Agency (BRAND) supported by the''Project''to be acquired under the Bolu Province Karacasu health tourism Thermal Waters Spa, Spa Babas Mudurnu county, district Pavlu Seben Spa and the town of Goynuk Catak thermal waters Kaplıcası'ndaki physical, chemical and microbiological analysis was performed. Medical evaluation for use in cosmetics and dermatological research demo product created as a result of thermal waters.
Provincial Health Director Dursun coach, IU School of Medicine Department of Medical Ecology and Hydroclimatology laboratory as a result of the microbiological and chemical tests, Bolu explained that there are benefits of thermal water on human health seriously.

An abundance of thermal waters of Turkey stated that the coach,''Bolu thermal waters tooth development in children, rickets, aging skin problems and diseases that cause tooth decay was found to be good. These waters should gain factors on human health. Considering the field of health problems, preventive health services that meet our country's wealth and the waters that are particularly benefit. Investors in the future due to the thermal waters that may be utilized more,''he said.

Therma-Care,''named''as a result of research can improve product demo striking coach,''The purpose of the studies may be useful when used in cold and hot thermal waters and drinking water available in the show. In this sense, the product was developed spray. As used in hot water, cold, drinking and skin care can also be used as a spray form. I believe that these sources should be exploited more,''he said.

Thermal waters, waiting for the attention of entrepreneurs

Byzantine and Seljuk period Kaplıcası'ndan Babas Mudurnu Bolu district residents that have benefited from the coach, said:''we want to emphasize, Mudurnu'daki Babas Kaplıcaları'ndaki thermal waters in the name of human health taşıdığıdır serious value. This place also seems to be as valuable as the date when we look at. Here, thousands of years of service given to human health. We hope in the future renovation work by making a historic Mudurnu'ya will be offered. Operators hope sahipleneceklerini here as a historical place. History, nature, beauty, clean air, the oxygen in the people to rest in a natural environment, an environment where the thermal water. People in a beautiful setting in an invigorating sense of mental and psychological.''

Project co-ordinator and the Provincial Health Director Mehmet Senturk Babas, Pavlu, Karacasu and various flow rates Çatak'taki thermal waters were left to nature, as a result of reports of laboratory studies and then used as a thermal bath of water for cosmetic purposes and can be used as potable water, he said.
Mehmet Senturk,''IU School of Medicine Department of Medical Ecology and Hidroklimataloji lab worked. According to the results, the thermal waters in the traditional sense can be used as a bath, and drinking bottled water can be used as cosmetic purposes. Importance for this study was to consider a new brand and product,''he said.

Thermal waters flowing waste that must be assessed Senturk, major tasks in this regard falls to entrepreneurs, he said. Senturk, the ultimate goal of the project is to provide entrepreneurs to show interest in these natural resources by specifying the details on the subject on the Internet''''and''The English language can be reached at''he added.

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