Turkish baths of the rich heritage of culture, Orucoglu Thermal Resort

Turkish baths of the rich heritage of our culture, this tradition during Oruçoğlu Thermal Resort'daki misafirlikleri the service of all our guests who want to live. Traditions and cultures are shaped by those who prefer to care for ...
Peeling, by a master bath, you are special to a new purse. Which is an application that is extremely useful for the skin sac, excretion from the body of dead skin, the skin allows you to have a vibrant and fresh. Whether you enter the summer season with a fresh complexion, or to prepare for a warm winter.

After Keseleme foam applied with aromatic bath soaps, spreads to your whole body by using natural fibers. Thus, your skin will look smoother and a baby. Yourself to feel special and better than ever
For those who want.
Scheherazade Turkish Bath Care
Before the Turkish bath in the sac, and refreshments after the application of the foam with sweet-smelling soap massage ...
The name of the Thousand and One Nights, this treatment is the narrator of the legendary princess Şehrazat'tan, you body and soul quenching
promises to restore.

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