The history of mankind's oldest settlements are found in Southeast Anatolia

The German "Frankfurter Rundschau" newspaper, the oldest settlement in the history of mankind Göbekli Tepe near Urfa, introduced the history and archaeological excavations in the region said.
Gazette "Heaven was here?" article titled, "Southeastern Anatolia, the oldest settlement in the history of mankind was passed," the statement said.

BC estimated to be established in approximately 10 thousand paper referred to the importance of the Göbekli Tepe, archaeologists so far, people lived as hunters and the temple at that time only able to guess whether they have thought, but it proves the opposite of these ideas Göbekli Hill and the ruins of the temple here, extracted said.

BC-bellied Hill and the surrounding area 10 thousand in the region has been a very productive, a wide variety of plant and animal species that is found in the article, this feature is also estimated at that time was a place for people like paradise, BC In 7500 the kuraklaşmaya began, people have left the region is therefore described as foreseen.
Managed since 1994 by the German archaeologist Klaus Schmidt excavation work progressed very slowly because of the benefits in the specified paper, 10 to 30 meters in diameter and about 6 meters high, to date only 4 out of 40 stones taken out from the light of day, it is located on the stones of various animal motifs were expressed.
Each one weighs about 10 to 20 tons recorded in the stones, even in the nearby mine planted at least 500 people needed to be brought down described in the article, Göbekli Tepe rites according to their faith which was held by the people at that time were recorded.

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