Silifke heaven hell caves, beaches, monuments, highlands

You can visit places of Mersin in Mersin, Turkey, Mustafa Range Urban History Museum, the Museum of Amphora Eyce Taşucu Arslan, Nusret Tarsus, Silifke, heaven hell, caves, beaches, monuments, remember that the highlands.
Mustafa Range Historical Museum 150 years of the city of Mersin example of a non-architect. Mustafa Erim made by the restoration and display of cultural and artistic life kazandırılmış Mersin. Museum of Mersin's traditional architecture, sheds light on the history of education, describes the liberation of the Çanakkale War, who died of Mersin, the province introduced the historical structures. Turkey has the distinction of being the first and only museum of amphorae amphora Taşucu Arslan Eyce Museum, Tasucu, Mersin and Antalya vulnerabilities in commercial fishing nets hanging amphoras collected are on display.

Silifke heaven of hell's caves, a natural wonder. Paradise Pit, a large depression in the movements have occurred. Inebileceğiniz base of the pit is more than 400 steps, with the deepest point is 135 meters at the mouth of the cave is a cave entrance, and it's a small church. Çöküğe to go down this pleasant but quite tiring out. Still, to see the view from the value of this fatigue. Up to 75 feet north of the pit is the pit of hell. The pit with a depth of 128 meters with impressive views. Here is a small seyredebiliyorsunuz climbing on the balcony. Heaven and hell in the appropriate way to explore caves, remember that the season autumn or winter. Because it is cold, even hundreds of hard to go down the ladder. In sweltering heat, this is almost impossible.
Maiden's Castle, a must-see other important historical places in Mersin. Virtuous castle district, 200 meters off the coast. Some people go to swim here. Meanwhile, even in the sunny city to the sea during the winter months raslamak possible winners. There is a story of the old castle: One of the kings daughters sake of living in Mersin is much prayer. Daughter is at the end. Who are curious about the fate of his daughter the king, would die as a result of snake bites are learning a falcıdan princess. Is building a castle built in the middle of the sea to save his daughter. But one day from the palace to the castle and the princess is sent to kill a snake from the basket. Kizkalesi, today one of the important symbols of Mersin tourism.

On display in the entrance of the town of Tarsus minelayer Nusrat. No scrap removed from ship perform an important function during the Battle of Gallipoli was about to be taken under protection sahiplenilip by Tarsus.

Mersin's all according to budget accommodation option. No star hotel in the city, there are 5 star facilities. Teachers in the economic as well as on the shore Tell Subhi, an attractive option in the beautiful scenery.

Mersin State Opera and Ballet as well as a host city. In recent years, increasingly more and more emphasis is placed on the culture and the arts. Mersin Metropolitan Municipality commissioned the sculpture to adorn a large number of 4-km beach park.


Mersin, the most important historical ruins, old neighborhoods Demirtaş'taki Yumuktepe mound is located. Neolithic excavations here began in 1936, and bronze çağlarıyla kalkoltik Greek, Byzantine and later periods, a variety of tools, housing the remains, pottery pieces are found. Approximately 14 km west of the city, there are the ruins of the city of Viranşehir'de the Pompeiopolis. Founded as Soloi, since this city was destroyed in the earthquake 525'teki temples, theaters, baths, waterways, and reached the ruins of the necropolis. Karaduvar'da east of the city's interest in mosaics have a Roman bath. In the Ottoman era, the most important building in the city in 1870, the Old Mosque.

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