4 months before the first harvest of the normal time in the town of Silifke strawberries

Chamber of Agriculture and strawberry producer Silifke Durhasan Akarca, told reporters after harvest in August, would say that the earth opened up gerçekleştireceklerini strawberry saplings harvested in November, although many people did not believe it, he said.
Carrying out of their pledge, that live in the happiness of making the first harvest Akarca, especially Atayurt Arkun, and especially with Atakent towns of Independence, Bahcekoy, dismantling, strawberry production in the villages of Celtikci said than done.
Akarca, gathering strawberries in the center of State Facilities Atayurt stating that, Silifke, strawberry production in Turkey is one of the most important points, he said.
The smell, the aroma and taste of strawberry grown Silifke Akarca says it is not unique in the world the like, this year 20 thousand acres of land of 80 thousand tons stressed strawberry harvest is expected.

Akarca, Silifke, the harvest period from the end of March yaşanacağını abundance of strawberries, strawberries during the harvest will continue until the end of July, a portion will be marketed in the country, especially in a division will be exported to various countries, including Russia, said.

Silifke strawberry production, while providing an important employment until the completion of sowing the harvest season attracts Akarca, said:

Then be prepared and planting of fields''at the end of July, the period subsequent pruning, spraying, fertilizing, weed and collection of studies such as the struggle will continue until June. Normally, the harvest starts at the end of March. Lasts until the end of July, we harvested. We have made time 4 months before the harvest.

Silifke strawberry business is dealing with about 3 thousand families. The majority of women 10 thousand people, thanks to the production of strawberry bread finds gate. Strawberry season of gathering together the Silifkelilerle Sanliurfa, Diyarbakir, and the workers are also trying to Kahramanmaraş. This also creates an important employment Silifke.''

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