Alain Badiou and the Revolution, Democracy and Philosophy, the first time in Turkey

Saunders and co-organized by the Municipality of publications monocle "Revolution, Democracy, Philosophy," Congress will be held 1-2 December, Bogazici University, South Campus Main Conference Hall.
Congress, as well as Judith Balso Badiou'un, Fabien Tarby, Alberto Toscano, Lorenzo Chiesa, Frank Ruda, Jan Volker, Rado Riha, Riha Jelica Sumic, Volcano Celebi Ahmet Soysal and participate as a speaker.

Monocle Publications Executive Editor David Celebi, Alain Badiou as the guest of honor attended the Revolution, Democracy, Philosophy effectiveness of intellectual and cultural life of Turkey said that would give a new mobility. Chalabi, "The revolution in Congress, Democracy, Philosophy under the heading of philosophy of thinking with the ability to query the concepts of democracy and revolution. The world of social and political phenomena observed in various geographies and the political organization of the theoretical bases explored in terms of a new horizon of the revolution and democracy. Of philosophy politics and policy-earlier in how to build a conceptual architecture and that the future of left politics in terms of thought and reflected on future policies will be discussed, "he said.

Revival of History, published by Alain Badiou's monocle, Mysterious Relationship Between Philosophy and Politics: Finite and Infinite; Heidegger. Nazism, Women, Philosophy books at this event, readers will meet for the first time.

Monocle: "The new encounters, new ideas, new lives, then we go"

Six years ago, Turkey's current cultural environment architecture, creating a lack of thought or idea that they were setting out against Celebi said:

"Alain Badiou's arrival in Turkey both in terms of popular movements in the Middle East within its own borders as well as a different and more dynamic perspective on the debate of ideas that we think will win. Monocles the 5th International carry out our activity last year, is another famous French philosopher aramızdaydı Jean-Luc Nancy. This new encounters, new adjacencies, new encounters, face to face we are building friendships and düşünsellikleri. uzamına needs Turkey as well as writing original thought or idea of ​​his life in a unique singing / living area has a need. monocle and in writing After a close friendship with both who think the idea is going ... to the realization of such an important conference Sariyer Municipality and Istanbul Provincial Administration and the Regional Chairman of the CHP as a special thank you Salıcı'ya Oguz Kaan. "

About monocle

In 2006, the intellectual and eternal environment is established to be the only kurgusuz maze. Released from the formation of a dynamic team of young and monocle magazine, especially 1 and 2 an avant-garde stance in the number of colleges exhibiting Pataphysics, forgetting, visual poetry, the themes worked. 3. with the number of thinkers and writers decided to start a series. 3. 100th of the birth of the number of Maurice Blanchot, that separates the magazine on the occasion of the year, at the end of a 1-year study 4-5. G. As the numbers W. F. Hegel published a special issue. 6-7. Jacques Lacan publishes a special issue as the number of international bodies, and then released the two large-volume International Levinas private volumes. Finally, when the number of Encounters with Jean-Luc Nancy, Gilles Deleuze and Alain Badiou monocle magazine future international numbers will be a private number. Magazine, thinkers on the French, German, and English as the separate volumes, one gate of the theoretical opening in space in case of Turkey in the international area. This is one of the most basic indicators of the Honorary Board of monocle magazine itself, including Jean-Luc Nancy, Joan Copjec, Danielle Cohen-Levinas, Kenneth R. Westphal, Rene Major names such as the creation of custom.

Broadcasting of the number of Levinas with the monocle who make the magazine as a project of formation, so far published 18 books, which includes the basic philosophy of the works. Until June 2012: Maurice Blanchot and Emmanuel Levinas, François Lyotard, Jacques Derrida, Michel Henry, Pierre Bourdieu, Vladimir Jankelevitch, Jean-Luc Marion, Giorgio Agamben, Alain Badiou and Jean-Luc Nancy's philosophy, his work contained 40 60 Volcano plans to publish a book publishing company Celebi, Murat Erşen and intensive labor the Atakan Karakış'ın come to life. Formation of the numbers at the same time as an extension of the international executive conferences [Hegel: 2008, Lacan: 2009, Jean-Luc Nancy: 2010, Levinas: 2011 Conferences], and every Wednesday evening in Taksim monocle Publications chat and discussions held in thematic capable of being a vibrant cultural and intellectual initiative. More detailed information can be obtained and addresses.

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