Roman baths, and Zeus, the goddess of luck and gladiator statues depicting candles Tyhke

Excavation Metropolis Chairperson, Department of Archaeology at the University of Thrace, Asst. Assoc. Dr. Serdar Aybek, AA correspondent, said in a statement, the ancient city of Metropolis in Yenikoy and excavations on the hill between the villages of the Uzbek Culture and Tourism Ministry, the Sabancı Foundation, with the support of the City of Metropolis Bag Lovers Association, and has continued for 20 years told.
Metropolis, the boundaries of the cities have not yet been identified that the layer of a culture dating back to the geometric phase, the Hellenistic period theater in the region, several buildings were built in the city "is a small city of art" that carries the nature Aybek, said:
"Metropolis, from the present 5 thousand years ago, founded the Early Bronze Age. Archaeological excavations carried out here during the Acropolis of the city the Early Bronze Age and Middle Bronze Age pottery fragments and stone axes, and some Hittite seal found with the contemporary. "
Which is very near the ancient city of Ephesus in Metropolis all buildings, structures encountered in a separate gauge, marble statues, carefully taken up and processed Aybek records, "the Hellenistic city of Metropolis see it as a little cute," he said.
As protector of Metropolis Ares coins found in excavations that are processed, the protective deity of the ancient city of Ephesus Artemis Aybek explaining that, "This is something we have not seen in Western Anatolia. This situation adds to the mystery Metropolis, "he said.
The Roman baths

For 4 months in this season of excavation work full they had in previous years, the Roman Baths and the palaestra (wrestling area) they continue work in the area Aybek records, this year's work said:
"This year excavations will contradict some of Metropolis to the structure of the cute little faced a monumental structure. 100 meters to 100 meters installed in the building, behind the Roman bath, and immediately in front of the sports field consisted of a square. Continued to work around the mosaics of this place. Approximately 40 feet long, 6 meters wide, with galleries of this mosaic structure is surrounded by a square. "
Metropolis in the last days of the study than they have identified about a bath Aybek, said:
"We checked the new bathhouse was built on the structure of the mosaics. It is not enough time were. This bath smaller than the other baths. The coming year will bring to light more of this area.
In addition, places are hot baths, baths, underfloor heating systems, baths used in the walls of the corrugated bricks, marble-covered living room, bath excavations baştanrı of Zeus, the goddess of luck and Tyhke statue depicting a gladiator oil lamps, terracotta figurines and glass rings, have found terracotta flask.
The bath after Christ 2. century, was built during the reign of Roman Emperor Pius Antininus have determined that. "

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