With Green Mosque, historic clock tower, the ancient wonders of the age of Hadrian's Gate

Although the main transportation junction established Balikesir is a city you probably do not hear much about. This does not mean that there is no place in the city worth seeing. Usually referred to by the name of Istanbul and Rumeli, father-in-law and grand vizier of Sultan Mehmed Pasha Zaganos resting here.
Zaganos Pasha, was very sympathetic to the Conquest of Istanbul from taking too many years ago. Together with the plans of the team were inside the Sultan's conquest. Rumelihisar playing leading roles in making the task of Istanbul one of the Ottoman Empire to the grand fortress at one of the towers were named after the pasha.
Zaganos Pasha Mosque in Balikesir Yesilli main mosque is buried. The back of the hexagonal structure plan lies in the tomb along with his wife, Siti Hanim Fine Arts. The date is not known exactly where the mosque, which is the exact 1897 Earthquake destroyed, then re-made. Much has changed around the time of the tomb. Building, expanding rapidly, up to the middle of the bazaar's famous cheeses. Let's remember she was here, of course, a lot of different types of cheese you can find on the market, but the people addicted to the taste of mouth, especially those who want to get the cheese loaf Cheese Marketplace prefer.
This is because it is not easily ayrılabileceğiniz Cheese Market, right next to a region in the state have a very inviting. And now we know, yet another with yet another with cheese varieties, as well as selling the herbs in your life that you do not ever be able to find herbalists.

COPY of the Galata Tower

The old clock tower was built in 1827 is at the heart of history in Balikesir. Similar to the Galata Tower in Istanbul, 1897 Earthquake destroyed the original tower. In 1902, the face of the clock with Arabic numbers, onion-shaped dome on top of which was reconstructed as a five-storey building. Who had a very successful restoration of the tower is a symbol of the city in 1962.
Attention that it deserves the immediate vicinity of Balikesir, the small blind, and has an excellent museum. Alacamescid Meeting held on 18 May 1919 in this building. Resistance to the occupation of Izmir, the Greek War of Independence, the decision of one of the first steps have been taken. The decision was celebrated with enthusiasm in the city.
Balikesir Palaeokastron Roman and Byzantine periods (Old Castle), and the state named as the başşehriymiş. For this reason, the most important cities of the time the museum Erdek near Balikesir Cyzicus'u findings uncovered in the region, including a wide range of hosts. If you are planning going around Balikesir, the museum (closed on Mondays) Do not forget to visit.
Judging the photos at the museum, once the city had many beautiful wooden mansions. Unfortunately, today, to find a host of modern construction is a very old undamaged sacrificed to plow the main street, walk, have trail rides. If you decide to explore the city, the best starting point in the hilly area on the back of the clock tower. Kazim Ozalp Street started to repair many of the old Ottoman house. Academy of Fine Arts at the top of the great 19th-century building hosts. When you come here you will see the 14th-century mosque in the region is inhabited reminiscent of the rare works in the Middle Ages.
Pasha Zağanos outside the city center, just opposite the fish market in an elegant way to an important person in the tomb are buried there. Mr. Frame addressed by the Ottomans in 1345'de geçirilinceye which has controlled the region until the 14th century, Emir of Karesioğulları a principality founded. Balikesir many buildings, as the original tomb was destroyed and the 1897 Earthquake in 1922, was reconstructed. Bey is one of the Square as well as his family has been estimated that no one knows who's buried.
Gönen north of Balikesir, its small, great reputation for its thermal springs. Temperature of 73 degrees below the ground in pools of water gushing ılıtıldıktan after curative spas are available today. With rheumatoid arthritis and circulatory problems including heart disease, including many health problems are said to be good. Gönen'deki three large solar thermal hotel, built around the Green and Stars center of the park. All three, management, booking the same address. (Www.gonenkaplicalari.com) near the park is covered over the remains of the Byzantine church, to enter into the impossible.

Erdek in antiquity famous Dindymus Mountain (782 meters), including the coast of the peninsula Kapıdağ. How a once in Bodrum, Marmaris and Kusadasi is difficult to believe that they are a small fishing village, because of its proximity to Istanbul Erdek time to believe that the most popular summer resort in a not so hard. Later, the glitter began to blink slowly. When you step off the bus Today you will mediocrity. But back to the time you move towards the edge of the sea, and wrapped around you, enveloping you feel from past silhouettes. For example, flashing encounter Pinar Hotel, once the favorite holiday mekanıydı Vehbi Koç.
Today, as the lifeblood for Erdek ferry service connects the Marmara Islands, life into the county school holidays. Unlike many other large and super-luxury hotels, resort, or sites with similar characteristics have not fallen kaplanmaması Erdek the properties of the most attractive. Instead of them, surrounded by palm trees, used in the walking path lined pedestrian and cyclists will see a relatively more modest hotels. Take one of the balconies at the end of the old days, such as your eyes görünürlerse, why all the negativity people can easily watch the sun unutabildiğini his melting into the sea will understand.

Erdek a small town not too much fun. Small, quaint fishing port of olive research being carried out looking at the island of Olives. A ferry to go to one of the biggest entertainment nearby islands of Marmara, the largest Sea of ​​Marmara, which is the most moving Avşa'ya Paşalimanı'na or the calm ...
View on the road to the ruins of the ancient city of Banda Maybe Cyzikus may isteyenleriniz. A solemn sorrow of fate that greeted visitors to the ancient city gezdikçe cilvesiyle also can not help thinking about for a long time on the changes experienced. Çağınının huge amount of very bright white marble floors and stairs of a temple, so almost nothing except frustrated. However, a closer inspection of this marble, even here, in the splendor of a time that farketmenizi.
Cyzikus have a lot to tell about the history books. Today, the Earth was once known as the Peninsula Kapıdağ Arctonessus (Bear Island) was an island called. Bridges connecting the mainland from the colonists established a strategic point Cyzikus'u Milet'ten 756'da BC. Apparently at that time ibaretmiş history repeats itself. BC came back to the city of Miletos 675'de a more established. According to Greek mythology, Jason and the famous Gold Lambskin searching for ways to Argonatlar'ın Cyzikus'a also fallen. Cyzikus people flood in history deserved reputation greatly indebted to the first examples of the coin.
Sitting on the steps of an abandoned temple, once this part of Turkey is very difficult to imagine that the Empire of Persia. However, smart Cyzikus Feudal Lords rebelled against the Persians acted and refused to participate in other Greek city-states in 494 BC, the rebels who escaped the massacre. According to the records of the largest tribute Cyzikus ödermiş Persians. Later today the Pergamene krallarıyla Bergaması entered a tight alliance. In fact, this co-operation which he advanced as far as the king of Pergamum, I. Attalus, Apollonis married a woman named Cyzikuslu. In this region, known to have built the first temple in the Apollonis'in son.


Still preserved its importance in Roman times a şehirmiş Cyzikus. In 124 the Emperor Hadrian, who visited the city began to have for him to complete the temple in 167 has been bestowed on his successor Aurelius'a. At one time the largest temple in Anatolia, only the floor of the structure, it is also, unfortunately, a bad situation from reaching the present day. Yet many people to the list of Seven Wonders of the Ancient World Temple of Artemis at Ephesus Temple of Hadrian Cyzikus'taki thinks is more appropriate. Some people say the eighth wonder of the world is still here.
No matter how big and powerful, even the collapse of Cyzikus lived. The Arabs who captured the city of Istanbul, they will 673'de here used as a base for attacks. Damaged by earthquakes in a row have Bizanslardan Seljuks. In 1204 the city administration to Istanbul again 1092'de Byzantines subjugated by the fourth crusade army. Byzantines, Latins 1268'de out when you show the date of the most spectacular in the back There is nothing. Large part of the 15th century, the Temple of Hadrian, still ayaktaymış, but the stones are spread around the building is used as building material shrunk. Perhaps this is why in 1837, a Western traveler here, "a heap of ruins" has described as. Today the region is possible to see traces of many structures, tapınığın.
Erdek the fact that it was known then ARTAC founded by Miletos chance or misfortune, but more honest Cyzikus'tan been managed by administrators. 499'da BC, the Greeks against the Persians in 494 BC side should have been included in this sin be paid for destroyed. However, had the last laugh Erdek. Because no one more toparlanamamış Cyzikus, but even in the 20th century Erdek has found himself a new life. Today, near the ferry terminal Cyzikus'tan exhibiting works from the marble has a small open-air museum. Lion-headed cocks deserves special attention in these works are impressive. Unfortunately, there are 2500-year history, witnesses who do not respect, the names of them wrote historical works.

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