Abant, beautiful in every season. But the romance reaches its peak in the fall

Abant, beautiful in every season. But the romance reaches its peak in the fall. Phaetons, fallen leaves, vegetation, bone-dry air, I think one of the most affordable places to go for winter preparation. Just nearby is Mudurnu, still kept alive the tradition of an Ottoman town of Ahi.
Abant, 277 km away from Istanbul. Ankara, 3, can be reached in 4 hours from Istanbul. In addition, the center of Bolu minibus expeditions are also easily come here.
Abant, known, known lakes. The size of the lake is 1.28 square kilometers, the deepest place in the 18 meters. Naturalness, with a very attractive bakirliği. So far we have preserved, before the beauty of the structures deteriorate very encouraging. Must be formed over the years, an amount of pollution, but limit the number of facilities, attractions, this heaven rescued.
Abant Lake surrounding walking trails, 7 miles. A wonderful way. Your soul to her job in years, to recover the ideal pass by. Work "sport" part, I think the side effect of activity. The real impact, souls created by innovation and a sense of well being. Walk on by pressing the leaves rustling, like looking at the lake, sometimes calm, sometimes to hear a bird beat its wings ...
Just a little advice for those who love adventure: Hiking trails explore not the way is also very exciting. Here Abant untouched areas, provinces,. Hiking paths upward, curl up into the forest. Beware, very easy to get lost! Pine, fir and beech trees in the forest, "however, put myself down to get to the lake," you say, right from the shore of a kind can be çıkamadığınız.
Radiative SAUSAGE bread's flavor of the fireplace

The pavilion will see in the way of walking, a tea içimlik can take a break. Üşüdüyseniz, waiting for you inside the fireplace. Then, the mansion's garden swing, sit down a little bit by looking at the lake. Especially if no one around; desolation in the middle, a great point, as if from another planet. Soak up the fresh air. Autumn leave you Kats vigor; It's where your heart to get rid of your accumulated all the problems ...
The second day, I wanted to do something else. The first day gezdiğim trail on foot, once you've traveled the phaeton. Probably sight distance is increased, I noticed all the landscape was different. In addition, young people living in surrounding villages, tourists also walks us through horses. If you love to ride a horse, a very appropriate venue. Binicilikte skilled young people to learn on their own, love to show their skills. Meydandalar, will not be difficult to find. Do not go back to watching their shows.
Abant, a tradition now, instead of returning to sausage-bread eaten. Clean it up if the weather, sports, hiking, horseback riding or something, on top of plenty of fresh bread, fat, sausage chargrilled half a coil! Nearby need to eat from street vendors. It also sausage, bread, there is also very tasty!
Abant'taki hotels, there are also gyms, you know I find that if you think you've missed the thread of ...
There are many places to explore in the surrounding area. Your trip two or even three days var.Köyler for extracting, from driving forest roads, the very beautiful views of the lake from above. Autumn, as if all the colors offered. Complete without fading colors, the weather cooled down a full, open-air still easily yürünüyorken; View should. I always say, life is beautiful gezince!

Mudurnu, 18 kilometers away from the center of Abant. Cobbled streets, old houses, bridges, very attractive. 'Six shop-top house "procedures within this market, kept alive the tradition of Ahi. Every Friday morning, the ceremony is done. Also waiting to be repaired Yildirim Beyazit Mosque and does not get tired of watching the old mansions.
There is a small ethnographic museum operated by the Association of Cultural Mudurnu. Authentic embroidery and a few old items on display. The ground floor for women, diamond, pancakes, noodles, doing dishes, such as a local. A very nice effort.
The clock tower looks down on the county's prisoners in 1930.
Local food on the "Keyvan Mansion", a full 160 years. Keyvan, "a collection of stars" and "welcomed caravans of people" to come from that. The ground floor restaurant and upper floor of a nine-room hotel. Food is not bad. Mudurnu'dan passing, receiving, and the center of the palace halva "flatbread tostçusu in" that special toast not leave without trying. I also could not eat it, remained in my mind!

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