nearly 100 tourists from scam artists to make a holiday in Turkey, took his money is an incredible way

Turkish citizens in various countries through Interpol, defrauded by a mob on the police operation launched to reach information.
fraudsters caught

taken into custody

According to findings of the police, a gang of fraud and vacation areas around the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul Antalya, Bodrum, Kusadasi, Cesme NPL Belt and the tourists amounted to a credit card and identity information. The gang, telephone numbers and credentials to be a phone call from tourists coming days, "You Break Turkey carpet, and you got some souvenirs. This never used a shopping bill. Of Finance has identified it. Go unpunished, and detained for exclusion are required to send 3 thousand euros, "he said.

This method korkuttukları tourists, were given to them by their bank account 3'er thousand euros. Destination for tourists from the gang members, their financial police, the prosecutor and the investigator turned out to be realized by introducing the event of fraud.

Also established a call center

Professional working in a call center set up for fraud gangs were identified. Among German, British, Spanish and Dutch tourists, a large number of tourists, including fraudulent methods that solve the gang launched a police operation in Istanbul, mainly in 5 provinces. 40 people were arrested in operations carried out simultaneously.

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