Valla Canyon majestic waterfalls and forests of this visual feast Ilica

Full of envy painters brush colors of autumn began to wander the forests of the western Black Sea. Turned blood-red leaves of the forest on the slopes of high mountains Globe roses. Brambles pink, chestnut and beech trees were painted gold. 
The angle of the variety of life in one of Europe's richest forests covered completely in a few weeks in autumn colors of Kure Mountains National Park ne. National park boundaries, these days, the marchers in the town of Kastamonu Pinarbasi, photographers, motocycles popular spot. Well, the majestic canyon, waterfalls and forests of this visual feast Ilica will last until the end of November.
Valla Canyon
Kastamonu around the high, middle hollow spaces "kokurdan" is called. Çorakkıran Hill (1134 meters), as well Kokurdan Plateau at the beginning of the pine, fir, beech forest in the middle of a meadow-like soup plate. Passes through a thin stream. Kert, as well at the beginning of this highland village of Valla Canyon pasture. Ihsan Bey, truck drivers not installed during the summer picnickers and wood tea, soft drinks made by service, to protect wild animals around the high-wire encircled the tent-walled structures have no other around. Kokurdan'ın feature panoramic views of the canyon to reach the most beautiful looks Tukurkaya'ya this plateau.

Moving from the village of Ilica midibüsümüz, a beautiful Saturday morning of summer Devrekani River carved a deep valley and gradually climbs the east slope. In the morning we saw when entering the valley, tea, such as covering the top of the tulle fog curtain went lost. Replaced by a sparkling day left. Depending on the village of rhumb, consisting of a few houses, neighborhoods along the way: Kayaali, Kancılar, Green ... Fruit trees are covered with gardens of corn, beans grown in wooden houses has already begun preparations for the winter. Boilers cranberries jam, molasses boiled crab apple cider. On the way, we encounter the occasional villager. 
Women dressed in gaily as to a wedding. Red, black and striped skirts, bright yellow vests are processed blue thread pattern, orange shirts ... Aside from the colors in the mountains, a photo exhibition of women dressed only in this region may be a local ...
Ilica Waterfalls

Endless summer this year, is now going to the foot stand. Autumn on the threshold, waiting for the order. Although we come mid-October, Globe temperature of 5 degrees at night Inse Mountains, the day around 20 degrees. For this reason, the new fall colors of the forests began to fall. North facing, sun mountain ridges that are not roses, vine leaves, mountain, pastor külahlarının crimson berries. Yet in shades of rose-pink berries. Some of the beech turned to gold. All these colors will be painted within 10 days of the forests.
Kokurdan'dan Tuturkaya'ya walk about 10 kilometers. This route, shortest paths in the forest is also possible to walk, the distance stretched the forest path. White-red paint and marked forest path. But our guide Ellis Ozkok "Paths trucks, trails are for people who" argues that philosophy. For this reason, different professions, between 25-60 years of age group of 20 or before the marchers forest trails, exciting two-hour live among the rocks, and then chooses the path of the forest.
Extending from Kastamonu, Bartin Kure Mountains, in Europe, 100 in the protection of important forest-covered one. International Foundation for Conservation of Nature (WWF), the world's ecological regions 200 of the most important. Also enters into the villages in the area for 11 years, 37 thousand hectares of national park status. Although HPP projects now under threat, though, nature is protected. Sırtlana bear in the region, many wild animals living in vaşaktan wolf. Is the most feared bears. Weight 400 pounds, this giant animals who, suddenly in front çıkılmadıkça, rastlanmadıkça people stay away from the mothers of offspring. Footprint on the road, dışkılarına, crushed grass of the forest kuytularındaki his mind, quite a few raised their population in this region. Indeed, we encounter on the road that day, one of the offspring of two of the villagers was seen, he says. Safe for walking, an occasional shout, make noise in the environment, animals need to warn of your being. In our group, who took this task in the hands of our guide and aftershocks causing nacakla hikers.

sphere mountains
A breathtaking VIEW

Given my hand to GPS, altitude 1100-1300 meters altitude, our environment, surrounded tepeciklerle. But the height of 20 meters through the trees to see these peaks is not possible. In the forest, after rising for a while, Takur Hills (900 meters) to go landing, then follow the road to the forest.
One of the most beautiful aspects of nature trekking in the autumn, along the way providing an opportunity for sweetening your palate. Erik iriliğindeki berries, wild apples, crimson, the Phrygians, alıçlar palate, wild mint, thyme, and many aromatic plants şenlendiriyor nose.
When we got past us, Valla Canyon Sırtı'nı Allahçıkaran Tukurkaya'ya first meets the stunning scenery: Before us, like the majestic Hajar sur Rock (900 meters), batımızda Celestial Peak (980 meters) ... But the bottom side of the canyon vegetation does not appear.
The path and follow signs for the 500 meters the North, Bloody Çay'la Devrekani other rock fortress dating to descend into the valley like an arrow. Both cliffs next to us, there is behind the magnificent rock walls. Kamçılanan steep rocks of the Black Sea during the severe winter poyrazıyla broad-leaved, strong-bodied oak, fir trees rising.
In contrast to the naked rocks, stones in the forest here, even as polished. Only the emerald-green moss-covered tree roots. Bouncing over the stones, the last block, climbing a rock. View from the bottom of our feet, sudden heart attacks in those with a fear of heights enough to cause chilling. In front of the rock block, there is a little more low scrub. But about two 600'er feet deep next to the cliffs. Steps taken, careless, floating stone, boulder to crash to the bottom of the valley, people can download a few seconds. Indeed, last year, a photographer, a young girl fell into the rocks, is said to have died.
Despite all this ürperticiliğine awesome landscape. Kuzeybatımızdaki valley, about a thousand meters, 300 meters down Derekani River and its valley, the same tea güneydoğumuzda other valley, in front of us lies a broad valley, flowing Bloody Tea. The hill behind the intersection of the stream valley, giving the impression of three separate, 30-digit Well, I can easily be seen from far away village, and flag pole, turquoise-colored lakes of tea in bed, away from the clouds like cotton ...
To see the view from the road to walk up to this value.

Ilgarini cave
Hiking Trail is marked WAITING FOR DATA published

In recent years, one after the other Yenice Forests, Maharashtra, Hittite Road, Twenty-three hiking trails, prepare, guide books published photographer Ersin Demirel made a similar study last year, Kure Mountains National Park. In the past, used by the villagers, cherry, boxwood, taking advantage of the salt carried by 36 different hiking trails and 12 bicycle trail laid rotalardaki. This marked trails. Bicycle paths, the sum of 900, 746 kilometers of walking paths, find the sum. However, signs parkurlara not settled yet. After completing this work with the General Directorate of National Parks, trails, GPS codes, and other hazards, protection from wild animals to be published book on the Internet, access will be free. ( Ersin Demirel's blog you will find a portion of the GPS codes. (


Pinarbasi Municipality is organizing the event for two years fotoğraçılara spring. Pinarbasi was held for the second time in May of this year, the National Photography Gathering. Opened in the municipality's web pages and share photos on Picassa. As a result of this effort was a significant increase in the number of those who went to Waterfall Ilica. Waterfall, 12 kilometers away from the center of town. Approximately 10-minute walk to the neighborhood Ilica reached. Municipal roads laid stone, in front of the waterfall made an observation deck. Being dumped from a height of 10 meters of water from the mountains steep. In the meantime, the underground waters of the waterfall is the rock wall. Products, where you can taste the local cuisine restaurant has a cottage in the village. Hot water source in the region have taken the name of Ilica. Park just behind the Byzantine bath Ilica bungalovlarının only survived a wall. From underground water is 24 degrees and is believed to be curative.


Streams, rivers, ground water surrounding the limestone texture Pinarbasi fascinating canyons carved over thousands of years, caves, underground rivers brought occurs. The world's longest kanyonlarından Well, the famous Cave of Ilgarini always a result of this natural event. Ilgarini the region's many caves, such as waiting to be discovered. One of these is the Cave freezer. Pinarbasi - Azdavay Karafasıllı on the motorway can be reached from the village about one hour forest walk. Height of the ceiling of the cave is a large input of about 20 meters, a depth of 150 meters. Consists of three major gallery. The peasants in the winter snow has accumulated, until June defrost water droplets formed in the cave used by the giant formations draws attention. When the salt, and metals such as silver shines light on the ceiling. Broken by some of the galleries at the bottom of the cave of treasure. However, at the foot of the last gallery, enchanting formations.


Pinarbasi district of Kastamonu, Istanbul highway 463, 325 kilometers away from Ankara. There are two accommodation facilities in the district: Paşakonağı a traditional eight-bedroom mansion in Kastamonu (0366 771 33 75), Park Ilica five duplex, consists of a total of 14 bungalows. Bungalows toilet, shower, hot water is. (0366 711 23 57)-oriented walking tour companies in the region can also go to: * Path Tour: **-***, 220 TL (, Mobile Burn: 4-8 November, £ 540 (www.geziciyak. com) * Tamzara: 5-8 November, 440 TL (

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