Die Welt newspaper, despite the modern city of Izmir rich history of the Great Unknown

The German "Die Welt" newspaper, "Izmir, the Great Unknown," an article published under the title, Izmir, despite a rich history as a modern city introduced
Newspaper article, "Turkey's 3rd largest city in the tourists are from outside incursions. But here is worth a visit: the old Smyrna history, modernity, and offers Mediterranean atmosphere," the report said.

In this paper, a very modern city of Izmir today that despite a very rich history and the German spoken by the majority of sellers said.

Earthquakes and battles in the past, very few historic buildings left standing, expressed paper, Izmir today countless cafes, bars and restaurants, as well as sea fishing is a very beautiful image exhibited by citizens has been saved.

Hisar Mosque is the largest mosque in the city of Izmir and Kadifekale described in the article looks very nice, Izmir's Expo is a candidate for 2020, as well as archeology and history of a city park, said to be made​​.

The article also mentioned the beauty of Alsancak district of Izmir around the ruins of ancient cities such as Ephesus and Pergamum also noted that there.

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