Ormanlı the Black Sea coast and bays at all price levels Çilingoz

Two secluded bay of the Black Sea

Ormanlı Black Sea coast and bays Çilingoz ... Istanbul, so close to the addresses at the same time so far suggest that at all price levels.
This time, a little bit recently, the Black Sea coast, to talk about the two bays. I think I know just sitting around these bays, they are enjoying. This month, the silence, wrapped in two white foamy waves of the Black Sea beach oynaşır sheep.
When I was in Istanbul TEM path, keep off the rain of yağıp hesitated. Before you took a Çatalca'ya. Central Lokantası'na eating dinner a few times, but is closed to undergo niyetlenmiştim learn, I'm sorry. Riverhead village, right, back towards Terkos Lake, Kestanelik, Çanakça, Dağyenice I passed villages. I came to the village of forestry. Along the way, Terkos extension of the small coves and shores of the makeshift restaurants, braziers placed on the wedge bonitos, appetizing smell spreading around. If you düşkünseniz bread, the bakery in the village of Ormanlı not go without. So tasty bread baked in wood-fire that did not want him even additive.
Coloration began passing the forest road, I came to the first bay. View from the hill is quite interesting. Here in the Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea, a few tons of color had özenip. In other words, dark blue, blue was the correct gradient. White sand beaches and white waves beating his mind, did not compromise hırçınlığından. A few kilometer-long beach, people wake up in the summer desires.
I made myself a cup of coffee round the trunk of the car remove the quarry. Sitting across from the vast silence and enjoyed the scenic views of the Black Sea.

I went to a photo for pulling a second arrival of the bay was delayed. I turned towards the palace after Ormanlı'dan route. Yalıköy junction turn left, past the villages of the intelligentsia and the Binkılıç, go read Çilingoz Bay appeared. A 17-kilometer path was bozukça. To have to go slow, cause it seemed to me more uzunmuş. But the sight of the dark end of the road I face, I thought it worth the effort. Çilingoz, formed by the sea, steep rocks, of course, was in a shelter. So shut the doors of the Black Sea, angry winds. Sheep, there was a wide sandy beach. After the beach and the forest began. This bay, the luggage and install the necessary EPIDEMIC DISEASE and barbecue, a day would go.
Çilingoz'u, likened Gideros between Amasra-Cide. It's a pirate in the indoor and forest kucaklaşmıştı barınağıydı. There was a restaurant on the beach. Barbecue cook burned, turning meatballs. I told him to put in a serving. Shepherd's salad tembihledim put plenty of olive oil. The sea-shore alone at a table, a wet meatball enjoyed against the wind.
Holiday break, I recommend this route for those wishing to escape the city crowds.

This trip was sponsored by Mercedes Benz, Inc.

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