Harlem Swing in Istanbul, as part of their world tour will perform in four

Maslak Show İnanoğlu Centerdan (TEA), according to the written statement, the Broadway musicals''Swing''in Harlem, 2011-2012 season, including returning to the scenes of a new world tour.
Harlem Swing in Istanbul
Consisting of seven musicians will perform jazz band, touring, TIM Show Center in Istanbul between October 14 to 16 starts, Paris, Munich, Stockholm, Barcelona, London, will continue in cities such as Athens and Budapest.

The most successful musical in Broadway history, and so far defined only once on display in the show on Broadway, 1600, African American race, tells the bitter sweet eventful life. 6 times the world tour and in New York, London and Paris art-lovers of the popular show,''Swing''in Harlem, the extraordinary structure of music and humor are among the classics of all-time best.

Tickets on sale Biletix musical, October 14, Friday at 21.00, and 15.00 hours on Saturday, October 15 at 21:00, 16 October to Sunday at 15:00 will meet art lovers.

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