Archaeology and history in the world of ground-breaking discovery of the ancient city of Tlos

The ancient city about 40 kilometers from Fethiye, Akdeniz University Faculty of Arts and Chair of the Archaeological Excavation Department. Dr. Taner Korkut, said in a statement, the ancient city of Tlos in UNESCO's World Heritage List, said that the temporary.
Tlos Ancient City
Excavation work began on June 13 and 26 in September of 2011 completed that stage of the Korkut, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism with the support of the University of the excavations in the Mediterranean, national and international scientific team of 40 people, 26 students and 38 reported that the worker's work.

Excavation work of the theater, the Temple of Kronos, the city basilica to the stadium area, acropolis, tombs, sarcophagus is being waged Akkemer mevkisi field that points to the village cemetery and Korkut,''In addition, the remaining areas within the boundaries of the ancient city of Tlos surveys initiated in previous years were continued. In the meantime, a large number of identified archaeological relics documenting the process has been completed and plans are embroidered map of the city,''he said.

Re-print finds of Lycian history

Prof. Dr. Taner Korkut, 2011 excavations under the re-print the whole history of the Lycian region has been achieved, pointing to the findings, said:
The Lycian coast of up to Tlos excavation activities''in 2010 under discussion in the presence of prehistoric ages. However, the 2011 Tlos City Center, Overlay and Tavabaşı Penetrations Mound Cave artifacts, the history of this region is the first human beings 11 thousand years ago led to today. Groundbreaking for the world of archeology and history of this discovery, research supported by the year 2011. On the other hand, even a matter of debate without ever Late Bronze Age settlement in Lycia, 2011 Excavations in the plain of the lower layer was uncovered during the Tlos Stadium. Excavations at the ancient city of Tlos will continue in 2012.''
Tlos Ancient City
During the excavation works Korkut said that there were a large number of archaeological work, or study and inventory of all the excavation works as a sorting house is treated as scientific, conservation and restoration, then said that was delivered to the Fethiye Museum.

During the 5-value of the artifacts from a museum piece of the statue is an important group of theater studies that point to form a Professor. Dr. Korkut,''especially the numerous statues unearthed in excavations at the theater stage building and part of Antalya Museum, commissioned the sculptor Ayse Specialist Cavusoglu the restoration efforts as soon as possible by Korkut tümlendi and was exhibited in the museum moved,''he said.

Prof. Dr. Korkut, restored the statues of three men, two of pointing out that the depictions of women, said:

Each is 2.10 meters high,''the male statues, were granted in military armor, the general features of iconography and the Roman emperor Hadrian portresel, Marcus Aurelius and Antonius Pius'un reflects the feature. 1.82-meter-high statue of a woman dressed as the Emperor Marcus Aurelius, his wife Faustina Minor represents portresel features. 1.85 meters tall statue of the naked breast of a woman depicts the goddess Isis.''

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