Morgan Freeman in a film project, arrived in Istanbul for talks

Morgan Freeman, who came to Istanbul to call a film project, the day before the world-famous actor in Kadikoy Sureyya WAS Opera, "love potion" was followed by rehearsals of the play.
The world-famous actor, Morgan Freeman, Sureyya Operası'ndaydı previous day. The work of Italian composer Gaetano Donizetti's "Elixir of Love" after the rehearsal of Freeman, a souvenir photo çektirip players then left the venue. Rehearsal, went to watch the game at the invitation of Dulcamara'yı Tavityan'ın learned a famous actor who plays George, the Historic Peninsula yesterday, visited the Museum of the Basilica Cistern and Ayasaofya. Freeman, not to draw attention during the next round in Istanbul found that only one person.

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