Tired of Hercules fame, Ye smuggled from Turkey to Turkey will be the kind of film the subject of the return

Exactly 30 years ago. Not only of Turkey, the world's "most important" Tired adopted over the Statue of Hercules, one night, was stolen from Perge. Ozgen Acar newspaper is the author of the words, "taken away from the date of ..." Acar, 1990, the Metropolitan Museum of Art Leon Levy-Shelby White collection belonging to a pair of browsing, this statue üstüyle encountered. 
Think of the sculpture was installed ... Different from the others because they were on display ... In the middle of the exhibition, Shop windows framed glass ... But that was not written on the statue where it belongs under the ...
tired of the upper part of the Hercules
Tired of Hercules now in the lands, are on display in the Antalya Museum. This work is a witness to one newspaper writer getirilişinin Turkey Ozgen Acar. Return to Turkey of the statue recalls the story of a film, which makes all Acar:

-Tired of Hercules is the significance of history?

- The mythological god of gods, Zeus, "the god of power" ... In Greek mythology, the son of Heracles, the Roman mythology, Hercules, or any other name "Hercules Listened ..." mythological "God of power," the son of Zeus ... 12 One of his job ... In fact, this statue, the Greek sculptor, 4th BC Lysippos'un century Roman copy of his famous Tired of Hercules. There are about 50 of the sculpture in the world like Rome. The original statue was lost, and today has a very majestic appearance, whereabouts are unknown. This statue of Hercules, 12 work to recover from a lion kill, and relied on his stick, leaning on the lion's hide ... Greek sculpture in the period following the time of the Romans liked it so much by them in various cities, including that of Anatolia, made many copies. That copies of this statue is one of the most özgünlerinden. The importance of the statue the following: Sculpture, Sculpture School of Perge is one of the most important works and a copy of the original one ...
tired of the lower part of the Hercules
- Tired of Hercules in the sarcophagi have not had one?

- He is a very important historical monument, in the 1970s, was asked to be kidnapped abroad. But the smugglers, 4-ton kaçıramayacakları in one piece for the sarcophagi, at that time engaged in illegal excavation Perge, one, wanted to cut in slices and sarcophagi. As he stated, sarcophagi, and cut in slices and wanted to miss. However, some of these parts, in Istanbul, Kumkapi found on a truck. Then the Professor. Dr. Jale Inan, combined with these parts. Of course, some sections were missing. Then the Professor. Dr. Inan, a portion of the missing parts in the United States found that the J. Paul Getty Museum. He also brought back parts. I have some missing pieces, I saw a German businessman in a private collection. At that time, the status of the Republic wrote. Businessman denied this situation before, then "the Turks returned to Turkey in parts because of the love and respect that," he said. Another sarcophagus from Perge missed the "sarcophagus garland." I am, I found him in the U.S. at the Brooklyn Museum. He came back in the sarcophagus.
The ancient city of Perge
'1 .5 Million dollars, was sold to ... '

- So, how tired Hercules kidnapped abroad?

- It works, and it is removed, such as Perge, the state, unfortunately, kamulaştıramadığı Necropolis (cemetery) in the field, there is a land, the person named Solomon Shepherd. There is illegal excavations. Tired as the misses Hercules abroad: Prof.. Dr. Jale Inan, excavations in the 1980s, a number of sculptures found in Perge bath. This man is of course also works as a worker in the excavations. At the time, coincides with the statue, showing the top of the cover when the archaeologists. Then, the night came, and the upper part of the statue brings selling to traffickers. Year 1981. At the time, doing business in Turkey, the Iranian origin of this statue smuggler Mohammed Yegenah marketing. Marketing history of the statue are as follows: Statue Boston Museum Director Cornelius III takes Vermule. Of course, at that time the museum has no money. Museum's director, explains the situation, Leon Levy-Shelby White pair. "I have such a statue, kaçırmayalım" he says. Finally receive a statue in partnership with the museum. $ 1.5 million ... Thus, entering the Leon Levy-Shelby White collection of works. But he also made a deal: The work, sooner or later, will go to the Boston Museum.
boston museum
'Walked the Earth around the Sun as it gets in ...'

- Culture and Tourism Minister Ertugrul Gunay, Turkey, bringing the work you said it was a very important contri. How did you get involved you can work to bring to Turkey?

- Were serving in New York in September 1990. That date came and went several times in New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art. One day at the museum, Leon Levy-Shelby White collection, I've heard of the opening of an exhibition and wanted to see the exhibition. Because the Leon Levy-Shelby White Collection, American archeology press, magazines often included. Turkey also was wondering if there is a collection of works. Very interesting works in the collection contained. My eyes fell upon the tired Herculean. This work is different from the others were on display. Was in the middle. Was based on a stone pedestal and foundation board; çerçevelenmişti Shop windows over glass. I was surprised to see the Statue of, could not decide. "What, what's not," he thought. Because the statue was not written on the origin. Only "Tired of Hercules," wrote. I started to wander around the statue. In the meantime, was a strange event. I revolves around the statue, the museum's keeper of huylanmış me. "What will he do, this man statue," he must have been thought, and he began to spin around me. Visitors looking at us, I noticed that also. Watchman, I go back to the statue around the ... Sculpture as if the sun, I am the world, watch the moon ... Entered orbit, such as ... Then I went from the museum had not had anything ... I got in the way out of the exhibition catalog, tired of Hercules've started to fotokobisini page.
'Director, Times correspondent says there is no stolen'

There are about 95 museums in Turkey. None had, but I've forwarded directly to the period of Antalya Museum Director Kayhan Dörtlük'e photos. "Kayhan Bey, a look at these photos, this works for you works on display at the museum," he asked. Kayhan Bey, called me ten minutes later. "Brother, how could you not know, you know this work of the variance in our museum's gate there stands a statue of Hercules tired, her one-on-one match," he said. He told him that, "Wait a minute, leaving" I said and took my photo repository looked at the museums. Each merged the two photos, I held the light, she was sleeping. Kayhan was also confirmed this. Then I did not leave the job hunting, one or two months more I struggled. The first time I published in Cumhuriyet newspaper, then in a magazine in America ... He who reads the magazine correspondent for The New York Times, the Boston Museum is doing an interview with a police vehicle. I used to lecture me, and then combine it in the newspaper is in the photo. In this event, the museum director asks. Director, "This is the statue in the world there are many copies. Can be from anywhere. Moreover, two of the umbilical is not a statue, "he says. Telling a lie. I defragmented the photo, the statue at the bottom of fracture, as a hub, and it tells the reporter is trying to persuade. It wants to claim that evidence.

'I had terrible days'

Seeing this post, I called Jane Hanim. "Did you read news, what do you think," I said, "Mr. Ozgen, there is an interesting point. Lysippos'un this statue in the world 50, 52 have one, and in this way often are broken when they fell. That is not necessarily in this part, may not be a copy of Antalya'dakinin responded with ". Director of Boston Museum expert, the Lady Jane ... Both of them told the same thing at first, I had a big disappointment. I thought the world will be disgraced. I had a terrible day. Then I came to Turkey, Jane Hanim, showed photos of my hand. Seeing photos of Lady Jane, "Two times two is four, this is definitely a Herculean Antalya tired of this piece," he said. Then the student, Monuments and Museums of the General Director Prof. period. Dr. Özgen Peters, "Send me to America, I'm tired of this piece in Antalya kanıtlayayım is Herculean," said Lady Jane. Lets say the U.S. is sending to the Minister of Culture of the era of intellectual Hanim to Jane. Lady Jane, to America, we're always brings with it copies of the statue, such as cardboard. However, the upper section of the cylinder-shaped pedestal of the statue in the United States in compliance copies for the first availed. Provide for compliance with the Shelby White-Leon Levy were the four corners of the pair. Because the discovery, we had, and their lawyers, experts ... Then I looked for experts, to me, "We karışamayız conditions of the court, but we can say that yazılmamak condition, this piece fits 100 percent, the lower base, but the need occurs," they said.
Antalya Archeological Museum
'America and the communication was cut off'

- So, how proven track had been kidnapped from Turkey?

- Lady Jane, he returned to Turkey and part of the lower part of the plaster has a copy. Terkar wanted to go to America. But this time, the ministry "prove this to the situation of people in front of everyone, not provide parts fit because" Jane Hanim did not want to send to America. Lady Jane, and their own efforts, but insisted he went to America. Had asked me before you go in, I talked to his lawyers on the Turkish government in the United States on this request, I wanted to remove the pedestal of stone sculpture. So began the process of discovery in the new. Later I learned that Jane Hanim, our lawyers and officials during the new discovery, however, turned their backs during a combination of the statue to avoid disappointment. At that time, the Lady Jane taken a cry of joy. One-to-one followed the ... Turkey is already back then wanted a statue of Leon Levy-Shelby White'tan. However, the Leon Levy-Shelby White ran a condition for the return of the statue. Karşığılığında wanted to give a new work, the Turkish government is also opposed to this situation, of course. Think about it, the house of one of television plays. It owns the television alacakken full, the owner ask for money? For this, Leon Levy-Shelby White's request was denied. Then, one after the work was left. Ministers, the general managers have changed. File rack stood. Language writings from time to time I have brought this matter. "What happened to the end of this business," he asked. I got the messages from the ministry, "says negotiations with the United States," the statement said always, but did not allow the continuation of this correspondence, I knew. Because the United States had broken contact with lawyers.

- General Manager Murat Süslü'nün not have a memorandum of works smuggled abroad from Turkey? Relations so we started again ...

- Yes, the Boston Museum, Turkey wanted some exhibits. However, there is an issue that required by the ministry for the realization of exhibitions. Ministry, the following condition: exhibition museums of Turkey does not want to be sent back to the works. For this reason, Boston Museum of ministry officials said, "You can open a temporary exhibit, but give us back to this piece." In the meantime, her husband, Leon Levy and Shelby White, had died. White also firmly in the hands of getting old, and had begun to distribute as grants to museums collections. White's convinced the Boston Museum for the exhibition. The work was accepted, and Boston, Murat Süslü'ye were delivered to Turkey.

'Completely casually Başbakan'ınki'

- Work on the aircraft was brought to the Prime Minister why?

- Here there is a point which is interesting. Namely, in this and it works as an insured in carrying to Turkey, made a deal with TK. Murat Süslü'nün this a good step. Bogazkoy Sphinx was so, it was the first time. According to the agreement between the ministry with TK TK, works for free and insured to carry abroad. However, there THY flight in Boston. For this reason, the general requirements of the work in New York. Work has been told to me from Boston to New York, Ms. Yost been allocated in the trunk of a car with diplomatic. This is a danger ... What would happen if a traffic accident? If the work be entirely a coincidence that the Prime Minister's plane. Because the work was to be made to Turkey Murat Süslü'nün initiative already. Fancy, and the Minister said that the situation of Turkish diplomats. The Minister also conveyed the Prime Minister. This event is the Prime Minister of goods, but no, this is totally random.

'South, writes Yeşilçam scenarios'

- This event, as if it were a movie, such as a scenario ...

- Scenario is mentioned came to mind. In 1990, I discovered that this work belongs to Turkey. I published in November 1990, the Republic. In the meantime, Tarik Akan and director Joseph Kurçenli, Treasury of Croesus made the documentary. I danışmandım. Interestingly, the documentary was met, the Ministry of Culture also contributed to the documentary. Year 1996; Salih South, inspired by this documentary, tired of Hercules wanted to make a documentary of the event. Ministry came and went away. Asked for money, did not. Tired of the chief architects of the late Jane İnan'la Hercules said. Jale Inan, said he would support all kinds of the South. Gave several statements to the press in 1996 South. "We picked up a signature, I work for the performance of the work," he said. Ministry of Culture refused to mock this appeal. Ever since that day I look in the newspapers Salih South, "writes Yeşilçam scenarios." Decided to bring this work as it ... Anyone who knows what it is ...

'I have brought on the agenda Bogazkoy Sphinx'

- Bogazkoy Sfenksi'nin and Croesus was the Treasury's contribution is also brought to Turkey ...

- Treasury of Croesus, after I brought the agenda Bogazkoy Sphinx. That is to say, I. Before World War II, the state archive of cuneiform tablets Hattusas, taught in Berlin, had been taken for repair and the two together with the sphinx. 16 thousand tablets. That much, and a sphinx 4 thousand tablets were brought back to Turkey. Then there was the Second World War, Germany was divided. These works were divided into two, East Berlin, Germany. At that time, in 1986, I have written an article in Milliyet. "What happened to the twin of the Sphinx" article, I asked. On the text, the General Director of Monuments and Museums of the period with the ministry officials went to Berlin, began diplomatic relations. Turkey wanted to work. After that, he made a thing. I brought up this topic a few times. Went to the Turkish delegations came a few times ... Then he joined Germany and the issue closed. Murat then fancy, entered the picture. An exhibition in Turkey and also because the Germans wanted the ministry to the "Work of Failure to return to Turkey, Turkey put an end to the German excavations responded with". The Germans sent it back to 12 thousand tablets, but did not Bogazkoy Sphinx. The Germans, the sphinx is a multi-part and embedded in the wall, the wall is removed from the kırılacağını these parts of the skin. However, one way or another was brought back to work. Now on November 28 Bogazköy, rather than placed together in Istanbul ikiziyle. Why on November 28 then? 25 entrance to the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List because Boğazköy anniversary on Nov. 28.

'Since I'm not canceling the excavations'

- Why the Germans were afraid of the excavations will discard well for you?

- Since I'm not actually canceling the excavations. Continue an excavation begun, because he is not the work of excavation, it's a "plundered center" becomes; smuggling prepare the ground. The financial situation of Turkey, the country is not in a position to finance all the excavations for someone to carry out this excavation must, of course. In addition, Anatolia's cultural, historical, religious heritage, the common heritage of all humanity, and it also Amerikalısı, also enter you to have a Canadian. However, certain conditions must be in this business. Cancellation of the excavations, the Germans would not work because the Germans took an active role in establishing and developing of archeology in Turkey. The excavations made in many parts of Turkey. For them, "a laboratory" which is as difficult to break with Turkey. Because the students grow.

'The old fisherman statue back to the future'

- How many more on my work I have to return to Turkey? These works, in your attempts to stakeholders?

- Again, in connection with Berlin, there old fisherman statue on the agenda. APHRODISIAS missed ... Tired I was writing articles on the Hercules, in New York, Professor. Dr. Erim phoned. Erim, Aphrodisias dug 30 years ... "Here you have found a statue. The old fisherman statue in Berlin, I think would be the top of this statue, "he said. In the meantime, the Ministry of Culture officials filed a similar situation at that time, the ministry also reported that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Turkish ambassador in East Berlin at that time "I like this soufflé uğraşamam jobs" had the answer. Range is also very upset. To him, "attorney Larry Kaye of New York will go to East Berlin and subject us with him," I said. Kaye's plaster copy of the statue in East Berlin to New York, I asked him to bring getiremeyeceğini. After all copies were brought to New York, and has adapted to the given Kenan Erim. Then the correspondence between the Turkish government and the German government began. However, in Germany, combined with the work remained incomplete. However, the Minister Gunay, said that the statue be returned to Turkey in the near future. Of course, the works shall be returned to the land belongs, in history, because the beautiful ...

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