which has a fascinating beauty Sumela Monastery, visitors flocked to the

Macka district of Trabzon Altındere Valley foothills of Montenegro established the rocks and the enchanting beauty of the surrounding natural vegetation with a Sumela Monastery, is inundated with visitors. The first time after 88 years on August 15 last year, the Christian Orthodox rite, and thus allowed to hold an increasing awareness of the world-historical monastery, the most intense periods of living in terms of visitor traffic. With about 300 meters below the monastery, the ruins at the base of the valley this year, a total of 1 million tourists will visit the location is estimated.
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Macka Mayor Ertugrul Young, a 9-day holiday for tourism is extremely positive, with the Victory Day is a coincidence, a separate application conflicts by specifying the first day of the Feast of Sugar,''holidays coincide days hosted Sümela'da 6 thousand tourists, this is a record. By allowing a service held in the monastery, the increase in awareness of this, we have a big impact,''he said.

Due to the intensity of tourists during the holiday town of Macka Sumela monastery about 15 kilometers up to 20 minutes, even vehicle traffic crashes took place from time to time, vehicle miles of tail formed by said Young,''I wish our paths had a larger density of the traffic kilitlenmesiydi but this is a beautiful tourist thing. In contrast to previous months even in Ramadan, such as hotel occupancy rate was almost the other months. This is a positive value for us, we hope to continue to increase. We aim to 1 million tourists per year visit Sümela'yı''he said.

Increased interest in the Black Sea

Sumela Monastery of the Virgin Mary by Christians last year and this year, rising to the sky on August 15, which is considered sacred and are allowed to perform ritual reminiscent of the young Orthodox Christians,''the Black Sea and Sümela'ya interest is growing with each passing day. Sümela'da this, we made last year and this was a huge influence in terms of rituals in the introduction. The first 6 months of last year, compared with the first 6 months of this year was increased by 40 percent the number of tourists from Sümela'ya. This number will increase after this year's ritual anticipate''he said.
No matter the other days of the month''Sümela'da sacred "proposal

Tourism in the region who expressed more canlanacağını Young,''Sumela monastery, not only on August 15, sacred to Christians, we want to be open to other days in the liturgy. This is the area's tourism creates a noticeable vitality, and increases the number of tourists. This trades, hotels reflected''he said.

Fener Greek Orthodox Patriarch Bartholomew of the Monastery of Sumela ritual so that it is important for tourism in the city, pointing to the arrival of the young,''Patriarch Bartholomew after this year's ceremony on Maçka'daki Kuştul Vazelon and monasteries to visit in the coming years due to interest in the monasteries shows the number of tourists from the region will increase. Even now it only seems to increase the number of tourists visiting the monastery on this 2. We do not know the number of tours for visitors to come and Vazelon'a Kuştul but observed an increase,''he said.

Vazelon Kuştul and should be restored

Young, Kuştul for tourism in the region, pointing out the need to restore monasteries and Vazelon,''This 2 monastery or improvement, or at least should be restored. In addition to these monasteries and corrupted paths of the vehicle and the need to improve. To be away from the center of town because of bad roads and monasteries not only more tourists, Macka. I am sure that if you Macka improvements, so the tourists to the region remains a day to stay at least 2 days. Therefore increase the income of local tourism,''he said.

Macka Mayor Ertugrul Young, the development of tourism in the region meant to increase employment and investment in tourism by the expression,''the local historic sites, natural vegetation, waterfalls and wild animals in the most suitable for tourism. Evaluate the benefit of our country as it has completed''.

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